Sunday, March 23, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

I was at Powai lake the  other day for a meeting with my manager. (Yes, we do have occasional meetings at places of our choice to set the a mood suitable for the nature of the discussion)  After the meeting, I was taking a walk along the lake while watching the sunset. I hadn't eaten anything after lunch so I was hungry. I couldn't find any place nearby despite searching. I saw an old Sardarji and his friend eating a vada paav. The Sardarji was on his phone while his friend was waiting for him to finish the conversation. I asked his friend from where he got the vada paav. He gave me directions to the place. I thanked him and was about to walk towards the place when the sardarji indicated to me to wait. I decided I will respectfully wait. When he finished, he told me "Son, that place is far. You will have to walk around 10 minutes. If you are hungry, you can take one of our vada paav as we have got extra ones." I politely refused and told him I was anyway walking in that direction to meet a friend. He smiled and told me "Have a good evening."

We had met for the first time and yet he offered to help. Him choosing to do so despite having no vested interest in me put a smile on my face. It is surprising how I unintentionally miss out on many opportunities through the day to make someone's day memorable.

A small deed of kindness only asks for a large heart. No money. No gifts. Just the act of wanting to make a difference. I will keep that in mind henceforth.

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