Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creative Expression through Experience

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The time it takes me to get one good photograph is probably thrice as much as it takes me to write one good post. However, the effort it takes me to get inspiration for writing is probably thirty times as much as it takes me to click a photograph. While it may seem between the two, I frequently choose photography over writing as my preferred means of expression, it is often a third medium that exhausts the will to practice either of the two, which is experiencing aesthetic or creative brilliance itself. 

Many a time, I end up seeing a work which is a representation of an creative thought in me. Though not my own, it works well to release the vent up creative energy within me. There is only so much more I can do to portray a thought better than the one I have witnessed and enjoyed with immense pleasure. I automatically run out of the will  to recreate what I have already seen before my eyes for the few days that follow. However, it is crucial that the experience is a moving one, a one I connect with.

Today, I saw the movie "Shanghai". Among all the recent movies, I have not seen a better depiction of the corruption inflicted, exploitative and power driven leadership of India than this one. Kudos to Dibakar Banerjee for having laid out the plot beautifully, the cast for having depicted characters that the Indian in me could connect with and above all the crew, for not having missed an opportunity to evoke an emotion, through the choicest visual and sound experience. The movie doesn't even spare the title as a means of evoking thoughts, ensuring you ponder over the contradictions that bind the nation when you leave your seats. I will not write about India nor will I reveal the plot of the movie. I can't because I was overwhelmed. I will however recommend you to watch the movie. 

Friday, June 01, 2012

India's Blues

This is the conversation I had with the driver of the auto rickshaw I was travelling in:

Me (M): Aaj aapne auto kitne baje shuru ki?
Auto Rickshaw Driver (A): 5 baje.
M: Subah nikle the?
A: Haan, lekin dus baje gaadi band kar di
M: Achha, kya hua tha?
A: Sahab faltu mein jokham kaun lega.
M: Kyun aapko pakda kya gundon ne?
A: Nahin, par baaki driver keh rahe the ki raste pe rok ke bol rahe the..."Ghar jaao, nahin toh auto ke saath saath tumhe bhi jala denge"
M: Aur TV pe BJP-Shiv Sena waale keh rahe hain ki logon ne mann se bandh ka samarthan kiya hai. Sab bakwaas hai. Mujhe bhi aaj office jaana tha par subah koi auto hi nahin mil rahi thi.
A: Sa'ab aapka toh theek hai, bahut logon ke paas ek din kaam nahin karne ka matlab hai us din bookha sona. Main bahut logon ko jaanta hun jo vada paav pe din guzaar te hain.
M: Hmmmm.
A: Aisa nahin hai ki humein samarthan nahin karna. Mehengai toh sabko chubti hai. Par hum dhandha bandh nahin kar sakte.
M: Sarkaar keh rahi thi ki logon ko dara dhamka ke bandh kiya jaa raha hai jabki log samajhte hai yeah petrol ke daamon mein badotri zaroori thi.
A: Sab samajh aata hai humein. Sab chor hain. Humare desh mein bahar se dushmanon ki zaroorat nahin, yeah sab politician milke kha jaayenge.
M: Wohi, samajh nahin aata vote de bhi toh kisko.
A: Sa'ab koi toh jeetega, aur phir se wohi hoga.

The common man is disgruntled with the state of governance. He is not stupid. He is only losing faith in the system and is worried about the lack of options. Is there any hope of India  being led by corruption free politicians who truly believe in progressive governance without violating the values that formed the foundation of the nation?