Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Time No See

Me: How come you are up at this hour?
Myself: I am always up at this hour.
Me: Did you know you don't wake up in time for the 8.30 lectures?
Myself: Of course I do. I have a dream within a dream within a dream....just like nested loops in programming. Every time the alarm rings, I wake up in a dream. I exit one dream and return to the parent dream.
Me: Crap! You are sleep talking.
Myself: I am sleep talking half the time. I am sleeping from 2 AM to 2 PM. Surprised you didn't know.
Me: Don't forget, I am the insomniac that you once used to be.
Myself: I thought I was too, till the winter came knocking on my doors. Time froze. I froze in time, apparently.
Me: Faff. When will you ever learn how to talk straight?
Myself: It's proven. That's why food is preserved in freezers. The microbes' metabolism slows down in the near zero degree temperature range and hence they cannot carry on with their work of spoiling the food. So you see it's humane for your body clock to slow down, sometimes stop when it's time to wake up.
Me: Microbes are not humans!
Myself: Stop being so critical.
Me: Look who is talking :P
Myself: Okay fine! I am a changed man.
Me: What's new?
Myself: Everything. New seasons. New friends. New teachers. New headaches. New initiatives.
Me: What initiatives?
Myself: My friends and I started a literacy drive for the mess workers of our hostel.
Me: Oh so you have been doing more than just sleeping.
Myself: Did you not know my day has more than 24 hours these days?
Me: Yeah right! That's been the case since you joined MDI. Why take up another headache?
Myself: That's one headache I like. At least I am contributing to alleviating someone else's future headache.
Me: Now don't get into philosophy again. People have been cribbing Whispering Shadow has taken a preachy tone!
Myself: The Illuminator is a bit of everything. Unfortunately the only space for philosophy in his life is on his blog, so the Shadow sees most of it coming through.
Me: Uffo. But what about your readers? You have to be kind to them.
Myself: I do not write what people like. People like what I write. Only they are the ones who are here.
Me: What about the 21867 hits that you don't get on your blog?
Myself: It'll happen over time. My blog has its own life. It'll grow old, learn, adapt and change over time. It will continue to represent me.
Me:Old!! Damn you are growing old. Time to get a move on in life.
Myself: Old. You mean the boring workaholics who have tea every 3 hours to give their stressed minds a high.
Me: That's a new perspective of looking at things.
Myself: Tea reminds me! I need to go have some. Or else the whole cycle will recur..slow metabolism, too much sleep, dreams, frozen body clock, missing first lecture...damn.
Me: I do not wish to go. Too lazy. Moreover, too cozy.
Myself: Don't worry. My good friend has promised me her ''spirit'' will accompany me today.
Me: Sheesh. You talk utter crap. Even if I was not feeling too lazy or cozy, I would not have come. Go now!
Myself: She said the same thing - "Anyone who reads our conversation will go mad."
Me: I said "Go now!"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Whether Forecast

The air is dry
Truth is a far cry
Do you feel the prick on the skin?
Why are you not hunting for truth within?

Trees are shedding leaves
There is someone who believes
Is a leaf better dead than not alive?
Is there a better meaning to your lives?

Birds are migrating
You men are struggling
Isn't the world their playground?
Why is it your battleground?

The snow is sparkling white
Your lives are blank
How does the snow not stain?
Why do you not feel another's pain?

The winter season is here
The search for reason is here
Are you cold under the feeble sun?
Did my heart unfold a story unsung?