Sunday, April 15, 2012

When life feels complete

Those are the good years
The ones in which you
Learn to run
You fall, your recover quickly and run again
Like a reset button in a car racing game

Those are the good months
The ones in which you
Travel places
Meeting people, soaking cultures
Like a sponge

Those are the good weeks
The ones in which you
Meet your loved ones
Feeling pampered, getting spoiled rotten
Like a prince or a princess

Those are the good days
The ones in which you
Don't wake up to an alarm
Remembering your dream
Like the visions of another life

Those are the good hours
The ones on which you
Spend dedicated time with your music
Humming along, feeling the rhythm
Like a meditating yogi

Those are good moments
The ones in which you
Experience the first rains
Transforming the world around you
Like a flick of a wand on Cinderella

Those are good blog posts
The ones in which you
Philosophize casually
Making silly comparisons
Like someone who is not you ;)