Saturday, April 12, 2014

Real Steel

Inheriting a history of repeated failure,
Yet achieving the impossible in his tenure,
Wounded in battle, but standing tall in the war.
What is this man made of?

Completing a journey of a million hurdles,
While his own demons he handles,
Tired on the path, but always in motion.
What is that man made of?

Making a voice heard in a jungle of chaos,
Speaking with courage for a worthy cause,
Choosing the right, rather than the easy path.
What is this man made of?

Remaining calm in the face of calamity,
Holding back anger as a reflex to stupidity,
Never showing frustration, but reason
What is the man made of?

Melting hearts that were frozen since ages,
Lending a ear to the ones in dark cages,
Free falling often, yet being a pillar of strength 
What is that man made of?

Working without support nor appreciation,
Never boastful of his contribution,
Of a royal stature, yet living in a humble abode
What is that man made of?

PS: Dedicated to one of the most awesome people I know - BJ!! 

Song on my mind: Strictly, in the spirit of true friendship!!