Saturday, September 03, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a hotel...

  • ...where recipes were sacrosanct - an onion could not replace a cucumber in a sandwich
  • ...where dessert was served as starters and soup after the main course
  • ...where a veg cheese sandwich was served in place of a veg cheese toast sandwich because that is what the order said and the customer may have forgotten what he ordered
  • ...where drinking water took just 2 hours to reach the room after having called room service
  • ...where the bathroom was so advanced that even the drainage water was filtered by hair accumulated in the mesh and sachets of shampoo and soap were kept torn open for the guest's convenience
  • ...where the full tariff was charged for an AC room with no electricity for half the day
  • ...where for a bill of Rs.107 and a payment of Rs.120, the change given is Rs.3
  • ...where the evenings entertainment was a great show by mosquitoes
  • ...where there was no running warm water in any tap
  • ...which happened to be the most expensive and renowned hotel in the town
  • ...from where I checked out even before completing the first day's stay
PS: Don't stay in Hotel Amardeep at Baramati even if someone pays you to stay there.