Friday, October 24, 2008

Superiority Complex

KK and he sat in diagonally opposite chairs in a cubicle,both within my audible range. At first I felt he was talking to himself. When I tried to make sense of his words, I realised he was giving instructions. But to whom? The computer monitor? It took me a while to realise he was talking to . The moment he asked a question, KK stood up and walked to his desk, diligently like a subordinate would. KK stood there looking at him, answering him, taking his orders like a timid rabbit. On the other hand, he acted as if nothing had changed. He continued working on his system while he gave instructions. Not once did he give KK a nod of approval or even establish eye contact. As soon as he was done, KK returned to his seat and resumed working. 

Sometime after the above incident happened, another colleague of mine approached my super boss. He explained his predicament and requested my super boss to grant him a leave of a week. After 5 minutes, all he heard from him was "Drop me a mail." Again, he didn't even look at him. 

In whatever little professional experience I have had so far, I have never experienced why the person called 'boss' is often considered the reason of trauma and insinuation. I saw a glimpse of the traumatizer yesterday. Luckily for me, he was not my boss, but my immediate supervisor's boss. He personified arrogance and snobbishness.He was smart and knew his work well, but that didn't give him any right to be patronizing or condescending in his manners. I could only pity my supervisor who didn't deserve one bit of the curtness.

After seeing his attitude, I sincerely hope I get a better boss than him because I know I will be a better boss than him when my day comes, definitely more likable. I also hope that day comes soon. For that, I have to move off the bench and get onto a project. High hopes though!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Me Vs. Myself

Me: I am tired.

Myself: No, it is just the October heat.

Me: But it never happened to me before.

Myself: Yes, sitting in front of the computer in an air-conditioned office without any exercise can do that to you.

Me: I should exercise!

Myself: I have heard that one before, more than once actually!

Me: I think I will wake up early tomorrow.

Myself: LOL.

Me: I will. I am going to sleep early.

Myself: Just to exercise?

Me: No. I have to study too.

Myself: Oh yes, I almost forgot to remind you that your big exam is less than a month away.

Me: I haven't forgotten but I have just notbeen able to make the time.

Myself: It is convenient to make reasons.

Me: Ok, I know I have been a loser.

Myself: But it is not too late. Don't give up in the  last lap.

Me: I am trying.

Myself: No, you are not but you should. I know I can!

Me: Oh, in all this hopelessness, I have something to look forward to.

Myself: Yaay, we are going to meet our parents but is this the right time to go holidaying?

Me: It might just be the break I need. Dubai should be a pleasant change.

Myself: Yes, if it makes the two of us one again, then nothing like it.

Me: What is the first thing you think I should do?

Myself: Get your priorities right.

Me: Ok, don't be so mean. 

Myself: Isn't it hardwired in me?

Me: Yeah, yeah, but I want it no more now.

Myself: I will try not to be rude if you stick to our word.

Me: I am trying.

Myself: Good. Now, go sleep. You have to wake up early tomorrow.

Me: Yes. Good night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

On a Virar Fast

1) Take a deep breath.
2) Step in.
3) Hold your breath.
4) Step out.
5) Breathe again.

If only it was so simple!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Bride's Tale

She was one of the two
But second to none on the day
On the verge of entering a life so new
The life she had longed for all the way

Wearing a shade of venetian red
With jewels and gold and flowers galore
Gorgeous as they made her look
None was as beautiful as the smile she wore

With the blessings of the Gods
In the presence of thunder and rain
She walked to the ceremony pavilion
Showing determination despite the pain

With bashful eyes she sat
On her beloved’s right
It was what she had dreamed of
The dream she was living tonight.

Garlands of flower the exchanged
Apart from vows witnessed by the Holy Fire
Praying to the Gods to bless them
And fulfil their true desire.

The emotions that showed in their eyes
Of trust and truth and belonging
They lived in their hearts before
The vows just gave them a new meaning

They were bound at last
By a bond so legitimate and pure
For this lifetime and the six that followed
To the disease to which there was no other cure

As happy was the wedlock
There were prices to pay
Of separation from the loved ones
She had to move away

For her little world beckoned
The world she will build on her own
With responsibilities to shoulder
But in this, she won’t be alone.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mellow and Mood-Lifting Melon, uhh, Lemon.

Under Construction, after four attempts on four different themes! Today is just not the day to write. My mind is void of any creativity, nor there is a flow of ideas. It is not that I am forcing myself to write. I just wanted to! But nothing lived up to my satisfaction. To stop myself from going to bed with the sense of dejection, I clicked sweet lime instead.

It was supposed to be round but thanks to my dexterity when it comes to knives, it turned out to look like a leaf. But isn't it a pretty leaf? The colours exceeded my expectations and life doesn't seem as dull as it seemed earlier in the day.