Saturday, January 26, 2013

That Night

There are moments in your life that remain frozen in your memory for ever, moments that you can call upon to pull you out of the deepest abyss, moments that can make you feel calm in a storm. For me it all happened during that one night exactly three years ago - I found a powerful memory good enough for my own Patronus charm.

Like most happier moments, it was  served when I least expected it. The thinker in me had almost had his own way. The mission of the current trip was accomplished - my 'special' friend was smiling again.The good byes had been said and the stage had been set for a more meticulous execution - at least six months to plan an elaborate announcement of my love for her, probably in a much grander setting.

Fortunately for the foolish romantic in me, God had his own surprise in store. I, the schemer, became only a character in His plot. Fog had blanketed Delhi making it impossible for my flight to land. I was sent back to Bangalore, her city. I would have been a fool had I not taken the sign to go and meet her. Luckily, the thinker in me gave in this time.

God had the script planned - we were to walk on pathways made by embedding slices of stone in the freshly mowed grass, with flowers perfuming our path and stars lighting them in the otherwise velvety black moonless night. We were to then sit and gaze at these very stars on the steps of a semi circular amphitheater  with the only sound interrupting our silence being the sound of our hearts, beating faster than ever with every passing minute. We would occasionally speak, but none of the words sounded like 'I' or 'love' or 'you'. Our hands would accidentally brush, but there was nothing like 'holding hands', 'sitting in each others' embrace' or even 'touching'.

The night was simple. Our task was cut out - being willful participants in God's plan for two idiots in love. It was only till we bade farewell early that morning that we gave God the acknowledgement he needed.

Her eyes were locked with mine and mine with hers. A tear drop rolled down both our cheeks acknowledging the enormity of the emotion. We gave each other a gentle but long hug, knowing this good bye would be harder than the previous one. We were no longer just two friends bidding adieu, we were in love.

It was the night when I first experienced how the universe can conspire to make your deepest and most sincere desire come true. It was the night a non-believer in destiny started believing in the providence of God and not to forget, the power of love.

PS: This song beautifully encapsulates the tale.