Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Missed Calls

I have been leading an awfully mundane existence off late. Every time I open my diary, I end up writing a nothing special and send it back to where it belongs. Today, I decided to try hard, and churn up a diary entry. I ended up writing the same thing again. I have been wondering where the 24 hours disappear everyday. I turn to my blog in hopelessness. The inspiration being my the huge list of daily missed calls .

It's good to have a big social circle in a city, but it's tough to keep in touch with everyone in it. Especially, in cases like mine, where friends are the only people you have to fall back on, it's all the more important to stay connected. It's shocking the number of times they trying getting in touch with me, and even more shocking is the number of times I miss out on the good, refreshing conversations.

This "Nothing Much" schedule should on the contrary give me more time to keep up with my pals but wonder where does the time go? I have no defence against their arguments. Accusations are often levied against me . All I can do to make up by scrapping, smsing and short phone calls but then I guess there is more to a friendship than just that. Guess, I should make a priority list and an itinerary to catch up with ol' chums once in a blue moon.

Nonetheless, it's amazing how, with good friends, even those short attempts at making up, give you the much needed boost at your day to day routine. I don't think anything else would have kept me so self-motivated like the way my friends do.

I hope some of those friends today are reading this entry of mine. I'm going to breaking my cardinal rule right now, but guess that will free me of my guilt to some extent. All I want to tell them is "Thank You" and "Sorry."