Wednesday, October 17, 2007


By now, I should have stopped cribbing about the routine of engineering life. In fact, I should have become comfortably numb. My feelings for vast portions of what comprises an MU students life are anaesthetised. Whatever agony remains is stimulated by a fine mix of incredulous ideologies of college and an ocean of endless submissions.

My college has been special at times, bizzare at others, when it comes to taking policy decisions. The so-called 'think-tank' thinks and also apparently makes decisions for the betterment of students, but the most unfortunate part is that it is in the wrong direction. The whole thought process is progressively degrading. The kind of trust, or rather, the lack of it, in the college's students has grown over the past 3 years and has reached titanic proportions this time on.

There is no emphasis on students' feedback. The measures which have been taken so far have only estranged students further from the idea of discussing their problems with the management. The worst part about the college right now is, there is the college, and there are the student, but then there is no synergy between the two.

My writing this doesn't make any sense though, because even if every student in college expressed displeasure over what is happening, the college is still not going to take any corrective action. So I guess I will have to become numb to this bit of my college life too - Expectations.

Talking of writing, I have been doing a lot of it, as all my other friends and associates at college. Sometimes you feel you have done it all, and then from no where, another assignment pops up its ugly head, or the squeaky printer from the lab calls for another visit. Why are we still doing this? What do the assignments prove about the merit of the student? How is the journal a proof of what you did in the lab? Even if all this is accepted, isn't it time that teachers draw out a schedule of impending assignments and presentations to be given before hand and not leave them all for the last week (another first for me at college)?

Alas, I am bored, tired, and not looking forward to another series of tests (think-tank thought that was a brilliant idea too!), especially not when you have vivas a fortnight away and you can't find the time to touch your books. Again, not that I am not used to this cycle, however, looking at the available prospect of giving us students some respite in the form of preparation time, I wonder if those people are blind or simply sadistic.