Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Floating Thoughts

Floating Balloons

The balloons float in mid-air. Like thoughts awakened, they create a stir. My mind is bubbling with ideas each screaming to be heard, indicating a sense of identity, like size and colour indicate for each balloon. But at the end, identity is secondary. All that is of consequence is visibility. Unless you are noticed, you will not be observed and given a chance to prove yourself. It is the story of the world you and I live in seen in the struggle of each balloon to rise above than the rest. However, the world we live in also gives us a vast canvas, clear and unending, the canvas which is provided by the blue sky in the photograph. We feel liberated. We have a fair chance. It is our own to take. Though an ideal world would have no boundaries, in the real world, there are strings attached. It is not about simply doing our best, but doing our best within the constraints. Only the one who can succeed in seeing a complete picture is a true champion.

PS 1: I submitted this for a competition (photo and write up). The entry won in the ''refreshing'' category.

PS 2: I plan to make this a regular feature on my blog. A picture is worth 250 words :D What say?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Oh beloved!
I come to thee
Delinquent I have been
Please forgive me.

Blinded by the darkness
Agony I couldn't see
Hold my hand
I will set you free.

Don't find answers
For none you will find
Seek no love
That love, you will leave behind.

Embrace me
Once again be strong
The divine light beckons
To eternity you will belong.

Yonder lies a world
The abode of the soul
End the battle within
Let the pieces form a whole.

PS: Dedicated to the one loved by the ones I love.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


I miss:
-Sindhi curry
-calling friends at 30p/minute
-sleeping 1AM-8PM
-khau galli
-chatting non-stop for 3 hours and still wanting more
-being woken up by people rather than an alarm
-Marine Drive
-affordable restaurants
-auto rickshaws
-my team at Accenture
-treats without the GPL ;)
-fighting for a Choco Avalanche that lasts 20 seconds
-going on random treks to random places
-having objects to photograph closeby
-local trains
-lectures from Dada on practically everything I do or don't do
-reading a novel from start to end at one go
-Kandha Poha
-watching 4 movies in a day
-unforeseen heavy rains
-Linking Road
-Vada Paav
-my inner circle
-having a refrigerator in the room, with food on demand
-college fests
-matke ka paani
-H n H
-weekend getaways
-seeing both rudeness and nicety in a moment
-a paycheck
-trips to Bangalore
-late night drives
-BEST buses
-Pasada's movie recommendations
-unrestricted night downloads
-getting, making and giving customized gifts
-unnecessary advice from over-smart relatives
-counselling sessions with friends
-wasting time and not feeling guilty about it
-being close to reality
-being left alone in my own world