Thursday, December 03, 2009


I miss:
-Sindhi curry
-calling friends at 30p/minute
-sleeping 1AM-8PM
-khau galli
-chatting non-stop for 3 hours and still wanting more
-being woken up by people rather than an alarm
-Marine Drive
-affordable restaurants
-auto rickshaws
-my team at Accenture
-treats without the GPL ;)
-fighting for a Choco Avalanche that lasts 20 seconds
-going on random treks to random places
-having objects to photograph closeby
-local trains
-lectures from Dada on practically everything I do or don't do
-reading a novel from start to end at one go
-Kandha Poha
-watching 4 movies in a day
-unforeseen heavy rains
-Linking Road
-Vada Paav
-my inner circle
-having a refrigerator in the room, with food on demand
-college fests
-matke ka paani
-H n H
-weekend getaways
-seeing both rudeness and nicety in a moment
-a paycheck
-trips to Bangalore
-late night drives
-BEST buses
-Pasada's movie recommendations
-unrestricted night downloads
-getting, making and giving customized gifts
-unnecessary advice from over-smart relatives
-counselling sessions with friends
-wasting time and not feeling guilty about it
-being close to reality
-being left alone in my own world


Mansha said...

I love it !! I caught this during MY nostalgic phase :)

Amal said...

"-fighting for a Choco Avalanche that lasts 20 seconds" :D

U must
-constant temperature throughout the year

whats H n H

Pallavi said...

:) That should suffice for a comment.

Nikita said...

HnH stands for Harsh and Hetal...

I miss u soooo much :(

All the things you wrote are worth missing. Even dada's lectures. His voice rings in my ears the day i don't see him..:)

Neha said...

oh! so you are a mumbaite even? cool!!!

just to make you feel better i like go to marine drive everyday :P


vishesh said...

Ha some is all nostalgic :)

The Illuminator said...

@Mansha: Yes, we all have our days...

@Amal: No, that will be too boring. I only don't like waking up in the morning for lectures. Otherwise, all cool!

@Pallavi: :) That should suffice for a reply.

@Nix: Me too :(

@Neha: Yes, I am! Pucca Mumbaikar.

@Vishesh: Finally, I make sense of your comment..hehe.

Metallica bhakt! said...

I am still in Mumbai and can do majority of the above listed things!! Muahaahahahah! ;)

Labyrinthine said...

Wow! The post suddenly made me think of Dubai, for no reason. Totally loved it.

priya said...

This post rocks!! :D

/*wasting time and not feeling guilty about it*/
The story of my life..

nyda said...

I can actually relate with your homesickness despite the fact that your and my world has little in common.

Everytime I come down to India during Summer (as a mere visitor), it just gives me a sense of belonging. Even though I haven't ever been a part of it, it just feels like HOME. Deep down, I am an Indian and every sense in my soul knows that too.

All i want to do is to move to India. I really do. You are lucky and I am jealous. :(