Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why God Exists?

On my trip to Bangalore, I had gone out on a walk with my maternal grandfather, or Nana, as I lovingly call him. Most of the time he was feeling his way along the road. Feeling because he couldn't see. He developed Glaucoma a few years ago after a stroke and ever since his vision has kept degrading reaching a figure of 25% of normal this year. He was also not able to recognize the sound of approaching vehicles since he couldn't hear their engines rattle. He is deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other. To illustrate, he would not know a truck is approaching him till it is around 10 feet away from him.

Despite his health constraints, he has never missed his 5 KM morning walk in the past 23 years that I have known him. Of course, the walk I was on with him was not a morning walk since my morning happens a good four hours after his. It was just a stroll to the vegetable market.

We reached a road crossing. It was a two way road with three lanes in each direction separated by a structure that was an unthoughtful mix of a divider and a footpath. I asked him to hold my hand but he laughed at the idea saying "How do you think I manage when you are not around?" I knew we were on our own but decided to wait with him till he is good to go. He lifted his left hand and started walking towards the other end. Drivers honked. Some drivers were harsh enough to open their windows and throw abuses at a handicapped old man (it didn't matter to him because he couldn't hear what they were saying). Some vehicles' horns were just audible enough for him to realise he had to stop. Some missed him by a whisker. We reached the divider. He almost stumbled while crossing it. After a while, he lifted his right hand and started walking. The story repeated again. After putting both our lives in jeopardy, we successfully managed to cross the road.

On my way back, I told him he should not take such risks and ask for assistance. I also asked him to get himself a walking stick. He tells me, "I have suffered the effects of the stroke in recent years but I have never asked anyone for help in my whole life, not even my children. I can't change my way of living as a result of a handicap...If you have faith in God and he will take care of you." There was an inkling of truth in this considering he has been living like this for the past 10 years and living well.

As cliched as it sounded, there were forces up there that were at work, an invisible hand guiding the ones who believed, ones in need. 'God'da take Him seriously!


Vishy said...

Very touching. We often take for granted the presence of our elders, but its moments like these that open our eyes.

Been a long time, huh? I finally laid my hands on my friends DSLR - Nikon D40 - clicked about 3000 pics on a trip to a beach recently.

Rajkumar said...

God really exists no doubt about that.I welcome you to visit my blog and leave your valuable comments.I like to add you in my blogroll

Pallavi said...

May God bless him :)

Labyrinthine said...

Whether God exists or not, I don't know. But yeah, I do think there is a higher power controlling us all. My grandfather also lived for about ten years, with a broken hand and both the ears partially deaf. He lived well until he was ninety one, and died a very painless death. Maybe it was because of his faith in God or the higher power.

Btw, very well written and the post is touching indeed.

vishesh said...

determination , faith and belief :)

Nikita said...

Awesome one there! Nana is my idol!

DVB said...

very well written.. very touching indeed

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

well, thats really great of him. wonder where they get their confidence from. from god maybe...all my good wishes with ur nana

NeHa said...

Indeed GOD exists...i have felt him at every step of my life...!he just wants faith on him dat ur nanaji has :)

god bless...

The Illuminator said...

My dad had come down to with his DSLR. Unfortunately had no time to explore photography thru the 35mm equivalent experience :(

Upload those pics dude!!

Thanks!! I will try my best to drop in.


My Nana said the same thing to do! I think he is the only Nana who follows his grandson's blog. Though it has to be read out to him.

True me there's more in the mix.

Mine too :)

Thank u.

We'll know when we get there!

Sometimes, we are just numb. But yeah, we will get there eventually.

Thanks for the great response to this post! I didn't know you all would take it so seriously..

Nina Prasad said...

I love this piece. It makes me want my grandad back, one person I'd give anything to know more about! Your style is brilliant...very admirable.