Friday, May 14, 2010

A Mother's Life

She sits there, staring not at her kids but the brick wall that lies before her eyes, wondering. Even though she is not looking at them, they are the only thing on her mind. She asks herself:

''Will their future be the same as my present?"

''Will they come and hug me when they grow older like the do now?''

''Without them, my life is as lifeless as the bricks in the wall.''

The kids, not knowing what is on hers mind continue playing with one another, gleefully unaware of how she sacrifices her today for their tomorrow. She and the children will all grow older, she growing more fond of them while they grow more distant from her as time passes.

With time, the show of affection is replaced by a bond so strong, that its beauty cannot be conveyed in words or physical gestures. It grows. It feeds on their love for each other. Just like a hatchling who discovers his skill of flight, leaves the nest never to return, children would forget their mothers had this metamorphosis in their relationship not occurred. Luckily, that is not the case. Their love is timeless. It is the love of a mother and her child.

PS: A belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who have made their children everything they are today.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Have I ever told you I love the first rains of the season? Oh yes, I have, not once, but twice. But nonetheless, today, after having got soaked in the first rains again, I realize why it is so. I do not want to get into the clich├ęs of ''the smell of earth'' or ''the sound of a cuckoo chirping'' or ''the fresh look of trees''. All that adds to the beauty of the moment. That is what you feel through your senses-fragrance, sounds, sights and touch.

I find the rains beautiful because of the feelings they evokes within me. The rains are blissful solitude, one of the few elements which can drown out the noise surrounding me. Call me a loner, but over the years, I have realized the importance of being close to one's own self. I love it when nature defines the setting for my date with me.

Amidst the chaos of urban living and fast paced routines, I can bring my life to a stand still by getting engrossed in these tiny offerings which nature has to offer, which many almost always conveniently ignore. When I observe carefully, I wonder how unnecessarily complicated we make life, when all the answers to our problems are right out there, hidden and waiting to be uncovered.

In our desire for more - money, time and materialistic pleasures - we forget the value of what is available to us in abundance. When we do so, we have no one but ourselves to blame. We were born free but we chain ourselves to what the world thinks is right, valuable and important. We unintentionally become slaves of our own desire.

Coincidently, while I was having a great time in the unexpected showers that blessed Gurgaon, my friend messaged me ''There is a new bird nest on a tree near my room. There is a tiny squirrel playing around it. Life seems simple when I look at them. Abundant and boundless.''

That pretty much summarizes what I was trying to say - simplicity, abundance and boundlessness. The first rains are all about it. Nature is all about it.