Monday, October 20, 2008

Me Vs. Myself

Me: I am tired.

Myself: No, it is just the October heat.

Me: But it never happened to me before.

Myself: Yes, sitting in front of the computer in an air-conditioned office without any exercise can do that to you.

Me: I should exercise!

Myself: I have heard that one before, more than once actually!

Me: I think I will wake up early tomorrow.

Myself: LOL.

Me: I will. I am going to sleep early.

Myself: Just to exercise?

Me: No. I have to study too.

Myself: Oh yes, I almost forgot to remind you that your big exam is less than a month away.

Me: I haven't forgotten but I have just notbeen able to make the time.

Myself: It is convenient to make reasons.

Me: Ok, I know I have been a loser.

Myself: But it is not too late. Don't give up in the  last lap.

Me: I am trying.

Myself: No, you are not but you should. I know I can!

Me: Oh, in all this hopelessness, I have something to look forward to.

Myself: Yaay, we are going to meet our parents but is this the right time to go holidaying?

Me: It might just be the break I need. Dubai should be a pleasant change.

Myself: Yes, if it makes the two of us one again, then nothing like it.

Me: What is the first thing you think I should do?

Myself: Get your priorities right.

Me: Ok, don't be so mean. 

Myself: Isn't it hardwired in me?

Me: Yeah, yeah, but I want it no more now.

Myself: I will try not to be rude if you stick to our word.

Me: I am trying.

Myself: Good. Now, go sleep. You have to wake up early tomorrow.

Me: Yes. Good night.


Silent Screamer said...

Me: hehe..nice blog kapil dawda!very witty..
Myself: shit!he has written another blog..damn!i'm definitely going to update my blog soon!!:P:P

Vishy said...

Introversion, eh ? :) All the best for CAT.

Pallavi said...

Aaah..the dichotomy of the conscience.Beautifully executed.
Me:Job well done.
Myself:Now dat u've read this, u shud get ur act together n study too. :|

The Illuminator said...

What's with the full name, Alboya?! ;)

Thanks. Sw the pinks you sent for the competition. Didn't edit them much huh?


Vishy said...

Not really.. In hindsight, that seems like a mistake, seeing the other entries... but you know, whatever.

Destination Infinity said...

But did you actually wake up early next day? That is the toughest thing to do after convincing ourselves to sleep early! :-)

Destination Infinity

The Illuminator said...

Yeah, only that day. Bursts of courage, if you may call them that!