Friday, November 13, 2009

Whether Forecast

The air is dry
Truth is a far cry
Do you feel the prick on the skin?
Why are you not hunting for truth within?

Trees are shedding leaves
There is someone who believes
Is a leaf better dead than not alive?
Is there a better meaning to your lives?

Birds are migrating
You men are struggling
Isn't the world their playground?
Why is it your battleground?

The snow is sparkling white
Your lives are blank
How does the snow not stain?
Why do you not feel another's pain?

The winter season is here
The search for reason is here
Are you cold under the feeble sun?
Did my heart unfold a story unsung?


priya said...

Liked the last line!! Answer to it is, No, you've put it all just rightly.
I need some more of the November Rain here in Bangalore :-)

Pallavi said...

:) Its awesome.
I always loved winters, there is something special about the season. Maybe its the cold that makes you look for warmth, literally and figuratively. I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to winters, never knew why.

vishesh said...

reason? what's that?

Labyrinthine said...

Reminds me of Into The Wild!

Chaitanya Jha said...

interesting :)
i could associate different meanings with the words you used..

Rahul said...

very well written..

The Illuminator said...

@Priya: I can live without them in the chilly weather in Gurgaon.

@Pallavi: There are few questions better left answered.

@Vishesh: I still don't understand your comments :P

@Jha: That was the purpose.

@JPC: Thanks.