Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy Birthday

Dear Shadows,
You have been my loyal friend in the years gone by. I have always turned to you in the times, when I have been low or high, contemplative about the state of my being. I have always gone back with my peace of mind.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for having been a window to my soul for the last 4 years. I hope you continue to spread sunshine in my life.

Always remember, you are not so much for others, as you are for me.

Yours Truly,
The Illuminator


@nK$ said...

I WANT THE SARCASM BACK !! Stop being do nice x-(

Priya said...

Happy Birthday, Whispering Shadow! You are always a pleasure to read. You must be pleased, your owner is a good writer ;)

The Illuminator said...

@Ankz: I will!! Patience my lady.

@Priya: Whispering Shadow is happy to see you visiting it. Priceless Junk is missing from my life.

Shruti said...

First thought: You write beautifully!
Second thought: You've this mysterious air :P

The Illuminator said...

@Shruti: Thanks! Do we have common bloggers on our network? How are we connected?

Shruti said...

I saw that you had once commented on my blog, long ago. That's how i got to see your blog today. :)
Gonna follow it, found it interesting!