Saturday, April 03, 2010


Like a typical management student, I will begin this post on my first year at a b-school with statistics. In the past academic year at MDI, I have met and interacted with nearly 600 students who were strangers to me before I came here. Apart from students, I must have attended at least 3 dozen sessions by the acclaimed and not-so-acclaimed executives, senior managers and achievers who have come and spoken about why they are doing the best thing on earth. I have given 43 exams, 86 quizzes and submitted at least 20 projects. I have seen two placement cycles of 630 students. Three festivals and six loud, crazy parties have passed by. Been a part of two elections and become secretary of a club in the latter one. Lastly and most importantly, I am sure I have slept only 4 hours a night on 75% of the days (not verified, could be higher!).

The frantic pace and the shocking numbers are perhaps the least pronounced change in my life. What has changed from my engineering years is, the rate of bonding with friends. When I came to MDI, I was unsure if 2 years (with the kind of schedules we had) would be enough to make friends who you eventually get closely attached to. A year down the line, after having bid them adieu for the internships, I feel a huge void on campus! Like a home is incomplete without family, an institute is barren without its student community. I am direction-less after I come back from work everyday.

Though its familiar territory, I still feel at a loss of things to do. Who do I ping for tea at 3AM? Who do I call random nick names that have become so integral to who they are?! Who will tell me "Bahar nikal jaoo mere room se" when I piss her off? Who will 'nurse' us with advice? When will there be a time for 'immoral imagination'? Will anyone else be able to prove that sarcasm only grows better with age? Who will say in reply to the question that "I don't know about sarcasm, sex drive doesn't"? I don't even have any of the ultra-sensitive friends to offend and then make up to! What about the literacy drive? What about the next submissions? Someone would have told me "lite le" but frankly, I am so bored. And it has only been a week.

The irony of the routine is that initially, you want to get away from the immense pressure and over time, you want to get away from the lack of pressure. Squeezing 18 hours out of a day, with a bit of work and fun, with time split between friends and family, while you move a step closer to your dream is highly satisfying. It becomes a habit.

"Nothing is impossible" - that's one important lesson I have learnt after coming to a b-school. The other vital learning is "You can FAFF your way out of anything, really!" But the most important one is "You cannot do anything alone." RG sucks!


Potentate said...

dude, you still have not learned stats..coz we have given 43 exams(not 42) and 86 quizzes(not 84). (Or should I assume you don't count Ethics as subject at all!) :P:P

The Illuminator said...

Of all the things, you see the stats alone! :P Anyway, stats stand corrected (though frankly, I don't count BE as a subject!).

Potentate said...

awesome note to end with...'RG Sucks!' Ek dum....jabhhhiii ending! :D

Potentate said...

..and you have left me wondering that are we at all that busy that we cant sleep even for 4 hrs.
Trust me, I have slept for more than 8 hrs for at least 85% of the days..:P:P
Its just that sleeping that much doesn't leave enough time to build a 'HR-Network' like you! ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Thats bihari, ryt?!

Dont worry, the stats are all wrong... EEP/RMB etc never had more than 2-3 quizzes apiece.

As for sleep. Ive slept more than 8hours for 90 % of the days :| The only jagratas are during exams.. :P

@Dawda for the post ... well done... very aptly put... and a lot less boring than it sounded earlier ;) ... I really will miss the authority I had over my beloved room :( :( :(
and then sometimes I'll miss ya guys a hell lot too ...... :'(

Anonymous said...

TYypical MBA you are , for even in so many stas , you did make few mistakes :P ..but the moments you shared , made me drift to my old golden moments of life ..true , when we move ahead in life , we regret why we wished so !!

The Illuminator said...

@Potentate: Partial processing ho rahi hai kya after every reading?! Spamming is illegal on my blog :P Aur kuchh kehna hai to mail karo.

@MC: Firstly, HAHA@the pseudo name. Coming to your comment on stats, I have the author's license. Besides, you know how data is sourced in our presentations :P Hehe. I hate to say mushy things but I'll miss everyone too!

@Dreamy Gal: Stability in motion, it is called! Like a wheel turning.

Neha said...

Felt the same after passing out from school and junior college!


vishesh said...

*sigh busy life, I least it doesn't sound as bad as studying for CA :P