Friday, March 12, 2010

It was all ''Yellow''

Miles above me, I could see them throw sparkling smiles on me. Not one, not hundred but thousands of them, holding on their own in the darkness of the night. Some appeared brighter than others. The silence hovering over the lake and the banter of the monkeys in the forest somehow seemed to accentuate the sight further. The absence of moonlight had sharpened the night sky even more.

All the constellations I learnt about in my science text books were right up there - Orion, Big Dipper and Ursa Major. I could have created a few more interesting shapes with the help of my imagination, in fact, even identify a few faces. It was deja vu - both with the faces and that night.

I kept wondering whether that night was more beautiful than this one. I somehow couldn't remember. Even if I did, I couldn't draw comparisons between the two. A lot had changed since than, including me. I was seeing more good in this world than I was earlier.

The stars were at peace, not locked in a rivalry over which one was the brightest. All were in their place, with their own planetary systems around them. Their world was their own and so was their life. And they were answerable to no one but themselves. Being a part of another constellation was of no consequence to them. They did not exist for any thing else nor did any thing else exist for them. The stars simply existed and did what they were meant to do - twinkle and shine.

Pity that we humans still don't get this.


Vishy said...

Really, really well written. It's worth living to enjoy nights like these.

Labyrinthine said...

Clear sky, stars, constellations, the glitter. Nothing can be more magical. And nothing can do things to your mind, like they can.

Loved the post!

Sthupit Girl said...


Brilliantly well written.


Pallavi said...

And then there are a few stars which watch over you. I found mine :)