Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Blues

It is cold.

I am cold.

Ironically, my friends are cold too. In their case, the word has a metaphorical meaning.

Amidst the weather and gloomy moods surrounding me, I wonder. What do you do when they come to you seeking warmth? How do you decide who needs it the most? How do you know when to just listen and when to lend them a hand? How do you help them if they don't want you to? Should you become detached with their troubles, for the simple reason that they are their own? If yes, what do you do if you feel bound to them? Why is it so difficult to turn a cold shoulder?

I should learn to be cold.

On second thoughts, I can't.


Pallavi said...


Urvashi said...

u chngd ur blog tempalte too.. I saw it today..matches a lot with ur post... :)

Labyrinthine said...

And I thought you considered yourself an egotist!

C said...

voila!! good thinking process,,,, carry on,,,

Ankit said...

quite poetic ..

The Illuminator said...

@Pal: Aal is well.

@Urvashi: Yeah, my birthday gift to my blog. The new look.

@Labyrinthe: I still do.

@C and Ankit: Thank you. Welcome to my blog.