Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blissfully High

I woke up that morning. I opened the door to my room. In stead of the passageway of my house, I stepped on to a beach. I heard the sound of the waves. I saw a beautiful sun rise, but the breeze from the Arabian Sea didn’t allow my body to feel its warmth. It could have been one of my dreams, but this time it wasn’t. It was for real, the surroundings and my state of mind.

Through the Glare-ing Glass

Just before I had gone to sleep the previous night, I was sitting on the beach, alone, staring into the vast expanse of darkness that the ocean had become. Barring the sound of waves breaking on the shore and the hymn of the insects, it was silent. After a while, I could hear my heart beat too, as if it was playing along in harmony with the sounds of nature.

I didn’t notice the blanket of stars that shrouded the ocean until I decide to lie down on my back. The stars were infinite in number, unmatched in their luminosity and set up a great contrast with the emptiness of the night. The sky itself felt like an endless black velvet cloth studded with radiant diamonds.

Actually, any attempt to describe what I saw in words that night is in vain. Words can’t give you the high which you get when you are drunk on nature’s glory. You must experience it to realize how beautiful the creation of god is, both in grandeur and scale.

I could have spent the night spotting shapes by joining the twinkling dots of light. But I wanted to sleep so that I could etch the sight in my memory. Nostalgia would allow me to feel insignificant, bringing with it the realization that I am only a tiny part of His magnum opus.

I dreamt of what I had seen and then saw what I had dreamt of. I guess He knew my plan.

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Vishy said...

A post after a long time... And what a photo! Do I see a giant eye looking down upon the earth? ;)
Truly bliss.

vishesh said...

haha going to see the pics ;)

priya said...

"I am only a tiny part of His magnum opus."
Your writing!! Whoa!

I've gone through the photos and been jealous already.

BTW, did you vote?!

The Illuminator said...

That's a perspective!! I didn't quite have the time with the office hours. I hope to push in more in the coming weeks.

Yup, tell me how you like that.

Your writing? Huh?

Yes, i did vote. I will write on this soon. And the best part was the marked the middle finger this time.

amit said...

Was there a full moon? Although I have been on a beach numerable times, the one I really remember is when there was a full moon. The beauty of it can't be described.