Thursday, December 04, 2008

For you Mumbai, a thousand times over

Author: Niki D (my sister who attended the peace rally on 3rd December 2008)

Twenty Sixth day of November. I shall never forget this day. It was the day my city was attacked left right and centre. The third day of December. This was the day my city stood up to justice, raised a voice against the terror campaign and seeked to root out political misdemeanors. “Bharat Mata ki JAI”, “Pakistan ki Hai Hai”, “Galli Galli mein shor hai, Politicians Chor hai!!” were just some of the endless slogans being screamed out by the livid Mumbaiites. People tore down banners of political parties and put up some witty ones of their own like “The government lied, the innocent died”, “Call the bargirls back, we need protection for our country”, “Shivraj Patil, suck ass”, “No taxes this time, only accountability” etc etc

Missing: Mr. Raj Thackrey? Marathi Manoos or Marathi Mouse

Jai Hind!!

 Yes, there was a sense of anger, but there was also a stream of hope that flowed through the heart of every single person there. This stream definitely had many obstacles in its way. But along its way, the more hindrances it encountered, the more resolved it became.

 People craved for justice. They very much wanted the right people doing the right things at the right time. Some would say this peace walk from St. Xavier’s College to the Gateway couldn’t change much. But, been there, done that, I felt it was worth every bit. You can grumble about the authorities not doing anything sitting at home. Or you can go out there, and show those blood-bathed rascals, we care for our country. We care for our near and dear ones. And this time, we will not take things lying down.

We know the fate of this film.

Hmm..Why don't people think before they say something?

 The attitude of people has definitely changed. It’s no longer the ‘I-won’t-take-it-seriously-till-it-doesn’t-happen-to-me’ mindset. On my way back in the train, in the first class ladies compartment, there was one particular bag which remained in the rack unidentified. After questioning each other repeatedly, we came to the conclusion that the yellow bag belonged to nobody. Someone screamed it could be a bomb. Everyone hated to admit they thought it was that too. A few of us (including me) got down from the train and called up the railway police. Just then, a woman wakes up from her stupor and tells us, “Why the panic? Its mine.” I better not put down the curses people have hurled at her after that.

 Just goes to show, Mumbai is not sleeping. India is awake and vigilant. We need is to defend ourselves like the U.S did after 9/11 and United Kingdom did after 7/7. Hit the cowards first and hit real hard. We cannot afford another 26/11. We just cannot. 

May the flame burn eternally.


Pallavi said...

A bunch of juvenile delinquents, totally messed up in the head, had the audacity to attack our nation's integrity. We cannot take it lying down anymore. Innocent lives were lost at the cost of an inept governance.To make matters worse,a nation's tragedy is being converted into a political strategy, nothing can get more shameful than that. This is our democracy's darkest hour and this time the politicians better make themselves accountable because, as I can see in your post, we ordinary Indians will not let them be. The seething anger of the public was long overdue!
May this flame burn in our hearts forever.

Labyrinthine said...

Our nation has had enough.Enough of gauche politicians,enough gutlessness,enough bereavement.Its a delight to see that we Indians are finally realizing it and protesting.It was very touching to see the spirit of the entire nation on those rallies.I had goose flesh watching it on TV and reading about it in your post.Very witty slogans indeed.