Thursday, November 27, 2008

While I was sleeping...

While I was sleeping

Mumbai was returning home

As were its tired and sleepy souls

Theirs was a routine journey

So should have been their homecoming

But little did they know

They will be scarred again

In a way like never before.

While I was sleeping

Bullets were fired

By cowards and liars

Self-righteous mercenaries of terror

The bullets pierced bodies

Whose souls went to meet their Maker

To ask Him, “Why us?”

To ask Him, “What gave them the right?”

While I was sleeping

Symbols of Mumbai were burnt

Guests of the city were taken hostage

To be used as human shields

The same shields they chose to tear

The same shields they now wear

Conscience is not what you look for

In these agents of death.


While I was sleeping

While I was dreaming

Mumbai was burning

Mumbai was bleeding

At those very places I have once been

I can imagine how it would have been

If imagining the ordeal is so painful

I will be lying if I told you

“I know how it feels.”


Nikita said...

What's happening to India?? Secularism has taken a beating. We have submitted ourselves to the fancies of a few fanatics. Every time something like this happens, I tell myself: It could have been me. I am tired of asking myself, when will this stop? I am getting used to seeing news flashes showing bomb attacks in every possible corner of the country. I suppose, very soon, a place that has not been bombed will be 'breaking news'. Scary. But true.

Labyrinthine said...

Very heart felt.These blasts and firings were sure one of its kind.Tragic!When I heard the news about the blasts,I seriously wasn't very surprised.I thought it must have been another blast in yet another city,and breaking news on the TV screens.Little did I know about the intensity of the incident.I was shocked when I watched the news.Scary indeed.Lets hope that the victims taken hostage are brought out safe.I hope the police don't let any more terrorists escape!

The Illuminator said...

Yes. Why should we feel happy about being resilient? Why should politicians get Z level security with our money when they can't secure the nation? We can mourn no more.

All I hope is that no more die and that the politicians never forget what has happened today, like most of us won't!

Pallavi said...

Extremely disturbing! The visuals of the terrorists' impunity in escaping in a police van is hard to digest. And then the fact that they slowed the vehicle just to shoot at the policemen, who I'm afraid were like sitting ducks, is just appalling! They have come prepared and have taken us completely off guard, yet again. ITS WAR! Its about time that we start treating it like one.
I'm sick and tired of the "spirit" of the city in question at the moment. Its time to wake up and agitate against this dastardly act. But not forget it and get on with normal routine, pretending as if nothing happened. It is this mindset that is the nation's biggest enemy and the politician's best asset.
Who is to blame now?

priya said...

"Don't worry...The first bullet will go through me."

~Words from a NSG commando trying to pacify victims during the rescue mission at Taj Mahal hotel.


Vishy said...

I should mention that it is the spirit of the city that has kept it going all these years. It is what made the Indian Railways decide to operate trains less than 48 hours after 7/11. It is what made ordinary middle class people come out of their homes on 26/7 and hand out food and water to me and thousands of others in their long walk home.

That phrase may make a great media piece. But at the individual level, we should not stop believing in it, just as, at the population level, we should not stop feeling angry at this incident.

The Illuminator said...

Both them and us. Though I don't think the blame is equally distributed. People this time are looking for ways to vent their frustration and get things on track.

That's exactly why it's where it is on my blog!

We can't because they will again pierce the wounds that have not yet healed and the city will bleed again. We can't let that happen. It's situation critical now.

BTW, if anyone has any ideas on how can we all contribute to make a difference, please share them with each other!

kish said...

Good one. We'll never actually be able to grasp the gravity of such a situation till we're thrown right in the realm;)