Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's the climb

The Ups and Downs of the TFI Fellowship in Jafari

Off late, I have been thinking a lot about whether my students have made any progress at all. However, I think I was always asking the wrong question. I should have continued to ask myself "What have I learnt? How have I made others feel? What are the bonds that I have made?"

I had this realization after speaking to one of the students who was a part of the Maya project in Pune. She told me, "When you think about where you are, you may feel you haven't done an excellent job. At this stage, I would ask you to think about how long and difficult the road you have covered was and what you learnt from it." Children can unscramble life in the simplest of ways to help you rediscover the 'why' again!

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