Friday, January 16, 2015

Letter to Metamorphia

16th January 2016

Dear Metamorphians,
I have 87 days left with you. Typically, we make around 1000 choices in a day. In these 87 days, we have over 87000 choices each of us can make.

You have the choice to listen and learn or talk and waste your and your friend's time. You have the choice to work hard everyday by doing your classwork, homework, group-work and preparation for procedures or to be lazy and give up on your dreams. You have the choice to come to school everyday and celebrate your remaining time in Metamorphia or sleep at home. You have the choice to eat well and stay healthy or eat street food and fall ill. You have the choice to ask a question or to remain confused and lost.

You have the choice to work together as a team to help everyone achieve their goals or work against each other so that no one achieve their goals. You have the choice to show respect and earn some respect or hurt someone and get hurt in return.  You have the choice to react when someone provokes you or to show self control and bore the person till he/she gives up. You have a choice to show honesty in your words and actions or say lies to escape consequence and become a weak person.

You have the choice to become a wise leader or a member of the herd. You  have the choice to show your friend the way to make the right choice or see your friends make the wrong choice. You have the choice to be nice and spread happiness or be kind and spread sorrow to your loved ones and friends.

You have the choice to move your family out of Shivaji Nagar into a cleaner place or stay here forever.  You have the choice to go to college and earn a degree or diploma or drop out of school and work as a labourer. You have the choice to travel the world or stay stuck between your city and villages. You have the choice to become a person who changes the world  or become an average person who only earns respect out of fear. You have the choice to make a difference to the community or become like one of them.

No one can take this choice away from you.  No one can take Bhaiyya away from you but time. No one can take this time away from you but you.

I hope we have ALL become an excellent class again. I hope we ALL achieve our goals. I hope we ALL have a fabulous Maya musical. I hope we ALL show respect to time and have fun on Fridays. I hope we ALL act with values without thinking about reward. I hope we ALL keep trying in the face of failure. I hope ALL of us always make the right choice, with or without me.

Remember, we have just 87 days left.

Kapil Bhaiyya

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Kaneez Fatima said...

wow sir you write very well