Saturday, September 20, 2014

Change and Children

Our 7th grade team is reduced to half its strength because of which the remaining half, Neerja and I, have had to put in four times the effort in the class. I have personally had a terrible week in terms of engagement and management of the classroom. It is difficult to teach two classes well simultaneously if you are a single teacher. You need extremely strong structures and procedures, which currently don't exist in all the three classes. I have reached that stage again where I have started looking at everything in school negatively.

I sometimes begin to wonder if their has been any change at all. I realize that the stress is just overshadowing everything that we have achieved this year. I am going to pause  the frantic pace of work this week to think about each kid in my new class.

Alisha CB now comes to school regularly and participates in all classroom activities.

Aliya and Mahek have matured into a strong and gritty leaders, learning to manage the different working styles of their classmates.

Sadiya has learnt the value of self control and shows much more maturity while in the classroom.

Ali has gradually, though forcefully, started taking more initiative in the class.

Raghuveer has spoken more English in the last two months than he did whole of last year.

Ragib, who once had three detentions in three days, has got just one in the whole term.

Asgar who refused to sit in section C first has now started participating in the class and helping his new team.

Nida has been on task and following rules of Metamorphia from the day she joined the class.

Anam's distractions have reduced considerably from when she started.

Mallika has shown more confidence in the last few months, no longer willing to be subdued by pressure.

Junej has shown much more hardwork in his studies and has improved as a team member.

Mahfooz, despite his occasional anger issues, has been more reflective and understanding of the classes need. His honesty is commendable.

Shabbir, as a consequence of his actions, has seen a huge increase in his mother's involvement in his studies.

Kulsum has already started taking initiative in the classroom, helping the class learn better.

Insiya has grown much more in self control and started acting responsibly in the classroom.

Fareen and Shofiya have helped bring balance and calm to group three, while challenging them by thinking harder.

Sufiya has been completing her work with much more regularity as well as studying for the tests.

Sumaiya has become a strong problem solver and one of the best critical thinkers in class.

Avesh has learned how to control his anger and focus in the class.

Sufiyan has started studying more for the tests, though he is yet to deliver results.

Taufique has participated actively in class and shared openly. Moreover, his friendship with Raghuveer is inspiring.

 Alisha has significantly reduced the time for which she gets upset because of consequences of her action and has become more mature as the Culture Minister.

Farhin has had a difficult group to deal with and has never given up on her team - so much grit!

Fatima and Halima have pushed group four to think harder and helped Farhin to raise the bar for self control in the group.

Mahek Khan has started answering in class occasionally. Earlier, she was barely able to focus.

Aman and Touhid have started studying again and worked harder on their own exams.

Firoz is new to class but has made friends quickly with Aman and Touhid.

Kaneez had a bad term last year but has come back strongly to find herself on the Marvellous Metamorphian wall again.

Saba and Sumaiya have shown tremendous team work to make group five a champion team.

Faizaan has come back strongly in Unit 2 after a weak performance in Unit 1. While struggling with self control, Farzan and Faizan are more aware of their actions and open to working on changing them to become a stronger leaders.

Arsaan has introduced a passion for general knowledge in Metamorphia.

Ufera, Areeb and Taskin have shown patience in giving our class a fair chance. Once they are aware of the class systems, they will take our class to even better places!

Kaniz has shown resilience in trying to make the team work despite many issues with some members.

Madiha has become a shining example of the values of Metamorphia.

Zeba has shown much hardwork and commitment to her studies, while balancing a tough situation at home.

Muzamil, has continued to be in school and do his homework, despite me being strict with him.

Sk. Touhid has started writing regularly in class as well as answering questions. His marks show his hard work is paying off.

Aman has been open in sharing his problems with me to be able to learn better in the class.

Mahek and Alfiya have shown leadership without being captains in the group, helping the group in Kaniz's absence.

Knowing each of my kids, I am sure we will again become an excellent class with excellent students soon. This is just a small break in our journey towards our big goals.

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