Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A Little Bit of Sunshine, A Little Bit of Rain

With the effects of Vipassana reducing and its practice ceasing in the last few days, I realized I was becoming more and more irritable at work and at home. I have to find someway that doesn't necessary require me to practice meditation in silence everyday but yet acknowledge the state of my mind and body with equanimity. Hence, I will start blogging with notes from the day everyday - trying to focus on finding a little bit of sunshine in what could also be a miserable day. Additionally, this will serve the purpose of the daily diary I read out to my kids in class.

Entry One: 2nd July 2014
Today was a special day. The monsoons came back in their full splendour to the city. With them, they brought their share of smiles, laughter and some much needed relief from the heat of the extended summers.

As is the case with every  monsoon, I was excited to step out and play in the rain. However, I couldn't because I had classes to take and meetings to attend. I had thought I will have some fun in the rains once I am back home, but unfortunately they came back a little too late in the day. "Some other day," I said to myself, "The monsoons are here to stay".

Nonetheless, some of my kids ended up having my share of fun. They ran out in the break and purposefully soaked in the heavy drops of rain that were quenching the thirst of the parched Earth. When they returned, I chastised them despite knowing the joy which monsoons bring to our hearts.

I scolded them not because it is wrong to play in the rain, but it is wrong to do so without taking adequate precautions. Someone could have slipped. All of them could catch a cold because they were all wet to the skin and none of them had a change of clothes or a towel to wipe themselves dry with. More importantly, the first rains wash away a lot of filth that has accumulated in the surroundings, which means the chances of catching  a bacterial or viral infection are extremely high.

I felt awkward because a part of me that is the monsoon-loving Mumbaikar wanted to let them be and have fun and a part of me that is a teacher wanted them to be aware of the risks and its implications on their learning.

Though I didn't get wet in the rains, I clicked some pictures with my phone that captured the atmosphere there was. Those pictures made me happy.

I hope the rains go on for at least three months now.

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