Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Letter to the Team

Hi Guys,
I have been focusing on optimistic realism after Vipassana and this mail is one of the many exhibits of that.

Despite the unending stream of challenges, the constant burden of planning and executing, a massive achievement gap and the constant lack of external motivation, we have set ambitious targets for our kids. We have taken these targets because we genuinely believe things can change. We have taken these targets because we know that it will be too late for the kids if it is not now. We have taken these targets because we know if we get anywhere close to them, we will probably draw inspiration from this one year of our life forever.

This will not be easy. There will be days we feel low, there will be assessments where our kids and our confidence is shattered, there will be students who will make us want to give up on them and there will be times when things are in turmoil on the personal front. On those days, I want us to be there for one another. To remind each other that we won't compromise on the dream or give up on a child. To give one another a day of rest and a shoulder to cry on, but then again come back the next day, expecting excellence within the classroom and in the conduct of our students.

We do this despite and in spite of what is happening in the classroom next door.  We make our students see the difference their choices make every single day.We make our children self-reliant so that they can guide the incoming fellows.

This is of course not to overwhelm one another but to change what the benchmark of efficiency and effectiveness is for a Jafari fellow. We will all be there to support one another all the time. Together, I know we can do it.

Compassion and Courage.

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