Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vote of Thanks

My first year of the fellowship is almost nearing an end. It has been one crazy roller coaster ride with its share of highs and lows. I have too many things on my mind and I am hoping by writing them down, I will free up some much needed mind space for other equally important things.

Showing gratitude was one of my new year resolutions. I want to end the year by thanking everyone (or everything) who (which) has helped me see this through. In no specific order, I would like to acknowledge:
  • My students, Mehak and Aliya, for constantly showing me the mirror and setting high expectations of me in the classroom - whether it is in my conduct or in my effort.
  • My students, Muzammil and Awesh, for making me see that permanent change has no easy fixes.
  • My students, Alfiya and Farheen, for making me believe that transformation is possible and there is a leader in each of us that is waiting to be discovered.
  • My students, in general, for all the love and for providing me the toughest challenge of my life.
  • BJ, for demonstrating leadership against all odds and showing the value of relationships.
  • Harry, for all the free hugs and making us feel at home, wherever we are.
  • Pritish, for the passion he has shown for kids beyond the classroom and the courage with which he has spoken for the betterment of the kids.
  • Akriti, for showing me how you can build the sense of independence in kids.
  • Neerja, for all the craziness and for genuinely working harder than she ever has.
  • Suman, for being at the "forefront of a revolution" and being an incredible ideator.
  • Piyali, for being the ocean of calmness and for being the confidante she is.
  • Jigar, for being whoever we have wanted him to be, whenever we have asked.
  • Nicky, without who, I would be a fraction of the teacher I am today.
  • Pallavi, for letting me follow my dreams and for zealously following her own, despite the distance.
  • Niki, for being a silent supporter and never questioning my priority for the classroom.
  • Mom and Dad, for taking interest in my work, giving me my own space to grow and paying for my trip to Europe!
  • All my grandparents, for managing when I have not been able to be there for them.
  • Rekha aunty and Seenu Uncle, for seeking to understand. 
  • Priyanka and Varuna, for the time of my life that I have taken away from them.
  • Ankita and Amal, for not letting the distance drive the course of the friendship.
  • Shalmalee, for always reminding me that excellence is not relative.
  • Paras and Vinny, for taking risks and making me believe I am not alone.
  • Nanda, without who my house would become a junk yard.
  • An ex-boss, for being the egoist who  helped strengthen my decision to take a different life path and whose memory still keeps me going.
  • The terrorists of 26/11, who made my city bleed and fueled in me an anger that became an inspiration.
  • Paris, for making me believe in a way of living and thinking that I didn't believe could exist.
  • Berlin and especially the Museum of the Murdered Jews of Europe, for reminding me the importance of not forgetting, yet moving on (how relevant this has been to the history of Jafari!!!).
  • Mumbai, for helping me find my own feet.
  • Nature, especially the Himalayas and the Western Ghats,  for re-fueling my mental energy reserves whenever I am drained.
  • The Intouchables and Queen (movies), for making me relive the sense of freedom I want my students to experience.

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