Sunday, January 12, 2014

Change is in the Air

I have started making my kids write journals. I have also been pushing them to share their entries with their classmates. Most kids feel shy and reluctant in sharing openly, worrying about being teased by their classmates. To set up the correct example, I make it a point to read my journal to them - unedited uncut and with complete honesty. After all, we are one family and we need to learn to share with each other.

Considering the events of the last few days, I didn't have time to write my journal - but I did update my blog. In the last diary session, I told them I will read my blog post instead of my diary. I explained to them what a blog post is and they were amazed that you could write something which anyone in the world could read.

I was in two minds initially about reading the post, considering it was about the circle of death. However, I realized these children have probably seen more death at such a young age than I ever will - so I went  on to read it. Usually my children are not great listeners - they get restless when I read aloud, wanting to stretch an arm, pass a comment, or say something funny! My post had no entertaining element in it so I thought it will bore them.

To my surprise, it had a contrary effect. My whole class listened with rapt attention. No one moved. There was not a single sound. When I finished, a few students had tears in their eyes.

I know what I wrote was considerably above their reading levels, and even then, it touched a chord with them. It was not about literacy; it was about being human. It was about telling me without any words, "We understand Bhaiyya. Thanks for sharing."

The bottom line is positive change is in the air. Metamorphia is working its magic.

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