Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Five Weeks

People had told me that I won't have the time to write at institute. I had always thought I would find time to write, despite the hectic pace of the schedule. I was wrong. The five weeks I spent at the institute preparing for my teaching stint were the longest of my life in many ways.

They seemed long because my day was packed from 7AM in the morning till 11PM in the night. They seemed long because of the over whelming amount of information that was shared with us. They seemed long because of how much I learned. They seemed long because of the number of highs and lows that were packed in them - as many as there would have been in a typical year of  'normal' living. They seemed long because I was cut off from the world and the people I love in a manner I had never been before. Above all, they seemed long because I feel I know and trust the people I met here at the same level as I have known and trusted my closest friends.

These five weeks seemed long, but they were unforgettable. If I could, I would love to relive them. However, nothing would better the first experience and the element of surprise associated with it. Of that, I would only have memories.


Anonymous said...

True (no matter how sad it seems) Institute will remain only in memory.. Unless of course some day, miraculously one finds time to pen down 500 weeks (or might be more) of the 5 weeks at Insti.. ;)

Anonymous said...

True (sad, but true) the 500 (or more) hours of Institute will remain in memory only.. Unless of course some day miraculously one finds time to pen it all down!! ;)