Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Before Midnight

I love what I currently do. The problem with loving what you do is that you are always thinking about it - for me 'it' is my classroom. I have only felt partially detached from my work when I am running - focusing all my thoughts and energy on finishing the extra lap. That has not happened much off late. Since nothing else is equally effective, my personal time has not entirely been my own.

However today, miraculously, I was able to cut myself off for the whole 108 minutes of watching 'Before Midnight'. If you like a rosy fast paced romance with its highs and lows making way for a happy ending, this is NOT the movie for you. If your idea of a romantic movie is one that combines the colours of a strong rationale and authentic emotion against a backdrop of reality, then 'Before Midnight' is a must watch. Richard Linklater is exceptional as director (again!) and Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have stayed brutally true to their character portrayal of Jesse and Celine respectively, as they move nearly another decade in time.

I personally found this movie to be the best of the three - for the beauty with which it handles the phase of life the characters are in and the metamorphosis of their relationship over time. As they move back and forth between reminiscing the journey of their love and contemplating the possibilities of the future, they realize that coping with the present is the real struggle.

The movie was engrossing for the simple reason that I strongly believe in the definition of love that it represents. I believe true love has many hues that change shade over time. Nonetheless, at any point in time, those hues make the two people more beautiful together, than each of them would have been individually or with someone else.

To be able to capture the essence of something so deep, so simply, is what strikes me the most about 'Before Midnight'. It is good poetry that leaves you with many thoughts, possibilities and positive emotions. I do hope I see Jesse and Celine grow old together with Linklater, Hawke and Delpy teaming up again one last time.

PS: This is also the 200th post on my blog!! Never thought I would last this long when I started writing here.


Harjot Dhaliwal said...

Happy 200th ! I know how it would feel ! I miss the blogging after i stopped my catahrtic relief..remember celebrating the 150th some time..

Priya K said...

Nice post.. Thanks for the review.. Will definately give it a watch.. Seems to be a lovely movie..!!