Thursday, June 13, 2013

A new journey begins with a new season

With the monsoon, begins my new journey as a teacher. I can't wait to head to Pune and start the process of learning to become one. I don't think five weeks can prepare me for everything there is to teaching. I don't think five decades are enough for that!! But yes, I will learn to independently manage a classroom, to teach kids creatively so that they learn faster than they otherwise would and to utilize the resources available to me to keep improving in the classroom.

 Like nature welcomes the rains without hesitance, I will open my mind to ideas, opinions and people that will help me build new perspectives. Like the streams of water trickling down the slope in the forest, I will find my way through or around problems, no matter how tough or long the path is. Like the first offshoot of grass that breaks its way through the hardened soil, I will start breaking the mould I have built around me, thanks to an education and career that has taught me and sometimes forced me to think linearly within set paradigms. Like the ghats that I love, I will welcome the colours back into my life. 

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justJosiahBro said...

Greetings Kapil,
I have been going through few of your posts and I must let thou know that while reading a few felt like reading a novel (maybe that's because I don't read them anymore), the rest did enable my mind to visualize the world from your perspective. I truly desire that by the time I complete reading most of your posts that make sense to me (not to be misunderstood-I find the rest either amusing or confusing), I too improve mine art of writing from thine articles.

Being inspired as you were, I wish you all the best in being a Wonderful Inspiring Teacher and sincerely hope that you and others with similar yearnings be remembered even in the youth of many to whom your goodness has been imparted.

I do not know your mail id else I would have posted an elaborately drafted mail. Yes, thou are spared of the woe.

Just Another Reader

P.S. I would really like to know about your experience Teaching. Pardon for experimenting with Early Modern English.

Thank You Kapil, for blogging.