Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Final Lap

A journey arduously long
To begin writing your life’s true song
You think you had planned it all
Underestimating the height of Murphy’s wall
Only a few miles to go
But with resources depleting
Every mile worth four
More uphill the task seeming

Many say shortcuts are easier
To me, compromise is  a stranger
What’s the joy of a journey?
If you make satisfaction your enemy
A task is meant to be done well
Only then can your heart swell
The sense of true achievement and pride show
On the retrospective road when you go

The chosen path you must walk
The set objective you must stalk
For being a man resourceful
Material wealth is less meaningful
You draw the power of your will
The ability to focus on the path uphill
Your creativity is limitless, moral fibre strong
Why even think you will go wrong?

You won’t if only you know
Why you take the path you do
For the reason is the source
Of the belief – your driving force
Believe in your goal
Then, no wall will be too tall
For belief gives you wings to fly
To rise, and to create your own high 

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