Sunday, October 02, 2011

Why Me?

You keep on running,
You keep on tiring,
For the miles gone by
Leave you sore.
Yet you go on
Cause for the miles to come
May have major milestones in store.

You keep on fighting,
You keep on hurting,
For every bout
Leaves you a scar.
Yet you go on
Cause for the battles you lose
Courage you may have won.

You keep on earning,
You keep on losing,
For everything once lost
Leaves you less richer.
Yet you go on
Cause all that you have lost
May be what you have never wanted.

You keep on running;
You keep on tiring;
You keep on fighting;
You keep on hurting;
You keep on earning;
You keep on losing;
Yet you go on living
In a hope that in the end
Your dream will materialize.
A purpose to your life
You will realize.

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''animesh shah"" said...

hey nice poetry...try
there is a poetry competition goin on..