Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like the Sunshine

The sun had nearly reached the horizon. The weather had turned a notch cooler than it had been at mid-day due to the drizzle that prevailed over the past few hours. A brook was meandering through a lush grassland. It could not be seen but the sound of flowing water could be heard at a distance. In addition to the invisible stream of water was a dying stream of colours, flowing from the skies to the earth as a rainbow. In contrast to the multiple shades of the rainbow, the grass was of a monotonous but fresh green tinge. Parts of each standing blade were magnified at points where the drops of rain had settled, glowing under the light of the sun. Some of the blades were trampled along paths used by walkers, but today, they lay deserted except for his presence. One of the paths falling directly in line with the sun was lit by its now soothing light.

Her silhouette emerged at a distance, rising along the slope of that path. She was running to him, just like the many sparrows rushing to their nests before night fall. She was engulfed by a joy only such natural splendour could bring. She flung her arms out to him as she got closer. With his hands on her waist and hers on his shoulders, he hoisted her off the ground. He turned around to contain the momentum of her motion. As he did so, the sun lent its parting rays to the glow of her face. Though he stood with his back against a glorious sunset, at the door of darkness, he felt fearless and peaceful. She was the sunshine of his life.


Vespertine said...

I read you post earlier and it reminded me of something, but I couldn't place it, till tonight...

"She makes me smile, but you come around.
The wind in her hair reflects the sunset I see."
-Skyline drive

P.S: I love it when a piece of writing reminds me of a song.

Zeba said...

Ah. So well written.