Friday, February 11, 2011

Keep on Running

A culture that sank into the skin
Pace that could make endurance go thin
A new life in a new home
We lived like the Romans in Rome

Fighting, winning, playing and enjoying
Adopting the best ways of surviving
When all seemed lost, despair was in sight
Came sparks of brilliance or luck gave respite

Battered and broken, yet united
Every achievement and joy celebrated
Higher thresholds reached each time
Bending the rules was no big crime

Time flies; it is the season of ′lasts′
Shadows of the impending end it casts
Nostalgia has set in; memories breach the mind
There is so much that has to be left behind

The buildings, the people and times we have had
May be gone for good, which is sad
The learning from experiences is here to stay
Yet, on new paths, we may again go astray

There is fear we are institutionalized
Unfamiliar surroundings may leave us surprised
“Where is the good in the good bye?” many ask,
“Why is it such a painful task?”

We travelled together in the same direction
But let us not take it as a common destination
End of a journey that together we rode
Just a pit stop on each one`s long road

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Anonymous said...

Awesome man captures the mood beautifully