Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Europe was special?

  • Snowfall is serene. Not noisy like the rains, just beautiful!
  • People live differently. Work is work, fun is fun and work is fun too many a time.
  • Life is convenient - no pollution, reliable public transport, decent standards of living.
  • People show humility. You can tell you professor he is bum and he will try to explain why he is like that.
  • Knowledge is meant to be shared. No question is a stupid question. No answer is a privilege. No examination rigmarole.
  • You do not live to compete, there are bigger things in life.
  • Bureaucracy and politics exists, but still a certain minimum standard of ethics is maintained so that people's rights are not crushed in between clashing opinions.
  • Photography is a delight in the continent. There is something for everyone. The hues of the walls, shades of the sky, autumn colours, winter whites all just make capturing beautiful photographs easier.
  • All careers are equally respected. You are not looked down upon if you are a waiter or a house help, as long as you are earning your living rightfully.
  • You can do what you want to do. No one gives a damn. You do not have to live up to anyone.
  • No better place to celebrate Christmas than in Europe.
  • Each city has its own soul, its unique identity.

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Tarun said...

I want to go too :)
Only for the pollution and You can do what you want bit !