Saturday, September 25, 2010

10 Most Distinguishable Features of Paris - An Indian Perspective

In random order:
1) The world's oldest and most elaborate underground metro system - you barely walk except inside the metro stations
2) The lack of English speakers - it is worse than getting stuck in rural Tamil Nadu without knowing Tamil
3) ''Bland'' vegetarian food - on the rare occasions you find it. Rich in one ingredient - maida
4) Short skirts - everywhere, round the clock, any temperature
5) Smooching in public goes unnoticed - whether between the opposite or same genders - seen frequently all over the city
6) Pooches are a fashion accessory and available in plenty - you find creatures which you could have never imagined are dogs, the vegetarian food section is smaller than the dog food section and most pooches live on a budget greater than 3 Indians put together
7) Fashion, loads of it - most brands considered upper segment brands in India are treated as poop here
8) Fitness - all residents are fitness freaks - practising either a sport or an exercise routine
9) Architecture - every structure they create has a touch of art - masterpieces are truly at the NEXT level
10) Loos with toilet paper and without water - yuck


Shruti said...

Most of the foreign locations have the last problem...

vishesh said...

hey, you have been to rural TN ? :P people do understand english man...

But then I would say getting stuck somewhere in the North without knowing Hindi...but then guess I know enough of the language to survive :P

i want to go to Paris too :|

astrodominie said...

yeah, the last one is disgusting. i don't know how the Europeans manage.

The Illuminator said...

Yes, I have been to rural TN and Orissa. I was stuck for the lack of an interpreter.

Pallavi said...

Blog!! Been ages. I don't know when I will.