Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Love Letter

Dear Love,
I hear you have been busy. I don't know if you know but you have recently visited (or in some case revisited) some of my friends and infected them with the affliction that they don't understand. How can they feel self assured with your presence in their life if they can't comprehend you?

If they can't find assurance themselves, they look towards their friends, ordinary people like me, who to say the least can only give them a third person's perspective on the whole issue. How can a third person give a perspective on how love should be? How can anyone define it? Isn't it unique to every two people who are or have ever been in love? The irony is that they think you have to be understood before they can embrace you, while it is the embrace that brings the understanding.

On another note, the more I hear of you, the more I wonder what makes you tick in the hearts of people. Why a person chooses another can never be fully explained by anyone, including the two souls involved. It'll be interesting to know your modus operandi some day. Why don't you write an autobiography and tell us your story?

Since I know what you mean to me, everything I have written here may be coloured with my experiences, no matter how much objectivity I try to retain in my words. But at the end, I know, you who none understands, will understand.

Yours Sincerely,
The Illuminator


Labyrinthine said...

I wish I really could understand it the way I used to before. The irony is, IT has made me so skeptical. Weird.
I wish there was a 'like' button here!

Anonymous said...

Similar thoughts have been going on in my head, though I doubt I would ever be able to put it down half as well.

I loved this letter :)

priya said...

Complicated letter O__O
Good use of words!

nains said...

I was in search of a 'Like' button too :-)

Anonymous said...

i do love this. and there is no objectivity in love, and it has so many different definitions depending on the kind of relationship a couple share.

i think this is one of your best posts yet :)

Anonymous said...

"love"ly use of words for love :) I am sure 'love' loved every letter of your letter ;)

arshat.chaudhary said...

Ah.. lovely post...
So many complicated thoughts expressed with the use of such simple words... :)

Pallavi said...

I wish I could write about it. Nicely done. Oh and that friend has finally befriended this forbidden emotion.