Monday, July 26, 2010

A Confession to a Friend

Dear Friend,
I am glad I found you when I was about to get lost in the crowd. You were not a familiar face then. You gave me a sense of comfort nonetheless. I didn't need a hundred people to talk to, just one person who would listen. You obliged. I didn't know how big a favour you were doing to me then, but I now know what it meant to me.

Your arguments taught me how to reason. Your voice calmed me down when I had let turbulence prevail within. You used words I often would not want to hear, because you would rather have me hear them from you than a stranger. You showed me the right way when I was at crossroads.

Through our conversations, you opened doors to worlds which I never thought could have existed inside me. I would not have known myself had it not been for you. Thank you for being the mirror to my soul.

There were times I was demanding, times I was rude and times I over did the sarcasm. I have had reasons, well, most of the times. All said and done, I had never intended to hurt you.

Your generosity was hidden in the fact that you stood by me, despite knowing all my faults. The beauty of the bond was not because it was perfect, but because you accepted it for all its imperfections.

Though the letter talks about how our friendship has been thus far, I sincerely hope that it continues to remain the same way, forever. I will do everything I can to ensure that because our happiness is worth striving for.

Your Friend,
The Illuminator

PS: Friendship's Day is next week, but I was just in the mood for an early post. Dedicated to every single one of my close friends.

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Harjot Dhaliwal said...

u should be in hallmark !!!
like that guy in 500 days of summer :P

On a serious note ..beautifully written..Had a temptation of copy pasting ..especially after "I over did the sarcasm' part ! :)