Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Last Sunset

The light it brought
The beauty it revealed
The warmth it gave
The life it breathed

During every instance of life and death
During every time of storm and relief
During every case of success and failure
During every moment of joy and grief

Despite the dark clouds that hovered over
Despite the rains that damped the spirit inside
Despite the sands that blocked the sight
Despite the eclipse when the sunshine died

It arose everyday in a million lands
It arose to cheer up depressed souls
It arose to signal a new beginning
It arose showing paths to new goals

Overwhelmed by tiredness of routine
Overwhelmed by the misery seen
Overwhelmed by the hearts broken
Overwhelmed by the damage unforeseen

It realized it could take no more
It realized the journey was complete
It realized the time had come
It realized the last rites had begun


Anonymous said...

Amazing poem !!! So very true !!! I loved thsi poem and so many thoughts attched with it !! Superb yaar !! Its really very good ! :) said...

brilliant !

Pallavi said...

And then arose the sunrise like a phoenix from its ashes. Beautifully written.

Labyrinthine said...

What was going on your mind when you wrote this?

Vishy said...

Wow... brings a vivid image to mind when I read this :)