Friday, March 19, 2010

Random groups we join on Facebook

My friend joined nearly 50 groups in a span of one day. I have been joining random groups on Facebook too but 50 in a day seemed to be like a landmark figure. Some of the names of the group are interesting, amusing and have an instant connection with what's on my mind, which seems to be the sole reason of joining the groups. Here's a list of some of those which my close friends and/or I have joined (keeping the names as they originally are, so please excuse the language, grammar, et al) in no specific order:

1)I Can Type On My Mobile Without Looking At The Keypad.
2)Sometimes ALL you need is your best friend.
3)Drawing with your finger on fogged glass.
5)'I don't bloody care how old the song is! I like it. So shut up!'
6)I'm double majoring in Napping and Facebook with a minor in Procrastination.
7)No I'm not lying, but when you look at me like that, how can I not smile?
8)I Have Died Over 147 Times for Not Having Forwarded Those Chain E-mails.
9)When my Internet is down, I forget that the rest of my computer still works.
10)Givin your friend a certain look and they undertsand what u mean.... :)
11)Its not "haan", its "hau"
12)I hate people with bad grammar.
13)I Thought You Were Hot Until I Clicked on "View More Pictures"
14)Yes, I do sometimes speak in strange accents for no reason.
15)Maam could you please fuck off........the bell rang already.
16)If You Can't Differentiate Between "Your" and "You're" You Deserve To Die
17)30 Things To Do In An Exam When You Know You're Going To Fail It Anyways!
18)When a teacher points at you, you look behind and then say "who me?"
19)Noticing teachers wear the SAME SHI* everyday !
20)I Hate It When Parents Say 'We'll See'
21)I don't care if you found an abandoned pink cow!
22)I can't believe I was once interested in you (what was I thinking!?!?)
23)Pull your fucking trousers up.
24)People who dream about teeth falling out
25)I have wierd dreams sometimes. Do you?
26)I hate it when i get a text, but its not from the person i wanted.
27)I hate it when i sleep at someones house and wake up AGES before them.
28)Hiding Behind Another Kid So The Teacher Doesn't See You Laughing
29)Yeah, ok, yes, yeah, yeah, ok, yes, ok, i know, ok, yes, BYE MOM.
30)I read the group name, I laugh, I join, I never look at it again.
31)I Join Too Many Groups Because Their Names Make me say.. "OMG, THATS TRUE!
32)No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter.
33)I hate Sunday mornings when I realize I have wasted my whole weekend!!
34)I Will Study Tommorow, I Swear To & I Will Try, I Promise!
35)There is NOTHING Rajnikanth can't!
36)Eva Had A Song Constantly Play In Ur Head Durin An Exam????
37)pulling dried fevicol off my hands made me happy as a child. so what??
38)I hate people who speed up when you're crossing the road
39)My best friend and I have conversations that are impossible to understand.
40)I like when my scissors glide through the paper so I don't have to cut.
41)I hate stupid people!
42)"OK class, please copy what im writing on the board" THEN MOVE YOU IDIOT!
43)I always manage to find the dirty side to what people say!
44)Saying "huh?" even though you clearly heard what the person just said.
45)Sugar Free, Fat Free, TASTE free.
46)We Need A Sarcasm Font.
47)STOP staring at me you creep! you are making me nervous!
48)I love those moments where you just smile and think, "i love life."
49)Can you like, shut up for just 2 minutes?
50)I yelled out the wrong answer in class and now I look like a moron. Great.
51) When I was a kid wait, I still do that
52) "Wow, you've grown!" "Well... yes... that tends to happen."
53) I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!
54)Typing what you really want to say and then deleting it!
55)Nothing Is Wrong, I'm Just In a BAD MOOD, OKAY?!
56)Don't ask for my opinion and get mad when I tell you the truth
57)I need a vacation!!!
58)Saying " It's ok " but secretly knowing its killing you inside
59)Singing with your headphones on and not realizing how loud you are.
60)I honestly hate the feeling of building up for a sneeze and with no outcome.
61)I hate people who walk really slow infront of you and can't get past them.
62)I hate it when i forget something i really wanted to say.
63)Checking the fridge every ten minutes to see if any food magically appeared.
64)Watching the Night Sky.
65)Having Inappropriate Conversations in Public.
66)We act like its a secret drug deal when someone is just giving us gum.
67)Does she seriously think she looks good in that picture? HAHAHAHAHA!
68)I hate it when the bus seat/window vibrates when i rest my head on it..!!
70)Hate it when ur tired but get in bed & u cant sleep :@
71)I Feel My Phone Vibrate When It Doesn't.
72)I'm not creepy, i just have really good memory.
73)What if "x" doesn't want to be found?
74)Talking to an old friend makes you realise how much your life has changed.
75)I am not a morning person. Do not pull the covers off me. I WILL KILL YOU.
76)When adults say 'who do you think you're talking to?' well you obviously :|
77)I'm so glad no one can read my mind...
78)Being offered something and saying no then regretting it 10secs later
79)I wish my friend's houses were connected to mine via secret tunnels.
80)Woah! What The Hell Are You Doing In My Dream? GET OUT!
81)OH CRAP . you just said something really sweet, now what do I say ?
82)"Are you going to school tomorrow?" "No, I'm riding my unicorn to Alaska."
83)OMG guess what, I DONT CARE.
84)I hate it when you look at the clock and only 5 minutes of class passed.
86)I secretly hate you. I'm just nice so I don't start drama.
87)I Like hate when Like people say Like when Like they are Like talking
88)I bought a bag of chips. Not half a bag of air.
89)Nodding at a teacher just to look like your paying attention.
90)"I studied I swear sumthin was wrong with the exam"
91)"You had all weekend to do the homework" "Oh, sorry i have a life..."
92)I Was Alive When Sachin Tendulkar Made 200 Against SA In An ODI
93)I finally stop laughing... look back over at you and start all over again
94)"Don't see me, don't see me, don't see me"... "HEYYY!!!" ... "f*ck"
95) That awkward moment when you glance at someone staring at you.
96)Looking at old photos and thinking how much things have changed.
97)You get all comfy....Then realize that you left the remote next to the TV!
98)CID : "Sir Darwaza to Locked hai" , "Daya, Darwaza Tod Do"
99)You say goodbye to someone and then you end up talking for another hour.
100)Tom, Its Been 30 Years ... Your Not Going To Eat Jerry

I am truly jobless.

Acknowledgements: All my friends who have inspired me to join their league.


Labyrinthine said...

:D :D. Lmao! Now you have proved that you are MY friend. And yes, you ARE totally jobless :P. You actually copy pasted all those groups from different profiles. You inspire me :P.

P.S. I laughed again reading that 'unicorn to Alaska' group name. Nothing can be funnier.

Nikita said...

Bravooooooooooooooooooooo!! :)

Urvashi said...

oh wow... a list so long.. i read till about 30 n know wat..I am off to find them all on FB... ;)

Naa..jus kidding..I went thru ur list....gr8 yaar.... a perfect century n tht too all funny groups.. n i liked no.98 ... these days so many CI jokes doin rounds...dint knw they were on FB too... :P

this ws really different :)

Anonymous said...

kudos to your friend yaar !!! Seeing thsi list m also plang to join facebook n create such records ;)

Neha said...

I am equally jobless coz i have joined more then half of the groups you have mentioned here and even more!

I mean seriously even this has a group?

68)I hate it when the bus seat/window vibrates when i rest my head on it..!!

:o :o

recently i joined...

Seriously, life is better when you decide you don't care.

nice compilation...


Vishy said...

ROTFL... I am gonna advertise your post right this moment :D

The Illuminator said...

@Everyone: Yes, welcome to my world of jobless bliss....that somehow doesn't seem to last very long.

@Neha: Isn't it true? We think about such things but never say them.

@Vishy: Thank you.

Sthupit Girl said...

You actually made out a list.

Accenture must not be giving you enough work :)