Friday, October 23, 2009

Power of a Vision

We all have a dream - one you believe in, a one you see becoming a reality, a dream you know nothing about but you know it exists taking shape somewhere in the many years to come, a dream that defines the purpose of your life.

It is yours and you know it. It is the guiding light for every decision you take. But how do you make others see the light? Do they need to see the light? As it turns out, yes, they do sometimes, to know you as a person. You try giving them a glimpse. The brightness of the vision is blinding. They shut their eyes. And then it's gone. But when you shut your eyes, it is clearer than ever. And the moment you open them, it is blurry. All you can recollect is you saw a dream. All you are left with is the lingering sensation.

It is this sensation that makes you a believer. It is the belief that translates into a vision which in turn can be shared. Though appreciated for its beauty in the long run, many find it hard to understand the choices you are going to make tomorrow. You find it hard to make them understand. Do you stop trying? No.

You go back and find another soul in the hope that someday you will find people who do not need to see the vision. They can feel the sensation that you do. It is that what makes them believe in you. You make them a part of your journey. And gradually, they begin to see it as you do. And then you wonder, "Was it even necessary?"


Pallavi said...

Reminds me of the song "I have a dream" by ABBA n another one by Enya which is my favourite.

I know exactly how it feels. Its so powerful that I can vouch its real when I close my eyes.

Chaitanya Jha said...

i guess i know where this is coming from :)
any new structure in the beginning is merely a scary thought full of hard bricks and mortar..but when its completed then people realize the vision behind the beautiful monument..
its difficult to hold on to your dreams when the world wants you to work on their dreams :)

Labyrinthine said...

Somebody believing in you, will definitely make you come closer to the hope of seeing your dream come true. You will dream on nevertheless, irrespective of anyone's belief. Like they say, 'Nothing will happen, unless we first dream'.

Deeps!! said...

I can totally relate to what you're trying to say!