Monday, August 17, 2009

In My Blue Pyjamas

I don't know why I am writing this on my blog.

It was 10:15 AM. I was in such deep sleep that only a canon shot could have awakened me. Or so I thought, until I was awakened by the ringtone of my cell-phone. I cursed the caller. Someone would have to be cruel to awaken a harmless soul from his sweet slumber. I heard a familiar voice. Once my brain had finished its daily booting routine, I managed to identify the owner of the voice. It was MS, my classmate and friend. I don't remember which language he spoke in but what he said vaguely translated to "Are you not coming for the lecture?" I told him that I was. I reiterated that the lecture was only at 10:15. That's when he broke the news to me "It's already 10:15." I went like "Oh F***, not again."

Had it been any other phase of my education, I would have bunked with pleasure. My philosophy used to be "Why put in an effort in waking up for a boring lecture which again puts you to sleep?" until I was introduced a demon called 'Grade Dock' which means I would move from a B+ to a B for the fourth lecture I missed in a subject and then one lesser grade for every lecture missed there on. I had my share of quota left for this particular subject but I thought I would save it for a rainy day.

Thus, began my one-minute challenge of reaching class before the gate to the academic block is locked. I splashed water on my face from the bottle near my bed, gargled using water from the same bottle, got into a t-shirt and tracks (My jeans were not too handy so...) and left for class. I thought all this had happened in a jiffy but the clock showed 10:17! Damn, I was destined to be late.

The advantage of being in a residential course at MDI is that the academic wing is right opposite the hostel, which makes reaching class a 30 second brisk walk. I decided to not give up and trying getting to class. There was hope. I rushed to the academic block and saw the open gate from a distance which meant I could get in before I was bolted out. I did, just before the roll call began.

My class mates, I tell you, they are such nice people. They completely understand the ordeal which all creatures have to go through at a place where body clocks go bonkers. They were empathatic. In their empathy, they smiled, mocked and pointed fingers ("Abhi uthke aaya hai, bechara") Whatever improvement I made on my looks was on the basis of feedback which my fellow benchers gave me. "Your hairs not in place, your right eye is has something stuck in its left corner, etc." Some went out of their ways to be nice. "Don't talk to me. You haven't brushed still."

I didn't even bother to look at my professor because I didn't know what I was to expect from her. I just quitely sat in my place, luckily finding a paper and pen from a colleague (it is nearly impossible for a person to carry spares at a b-school).

All that happened seemed like an extend period of somnolence. My though process was still slow and my voice had the morning blues. It remained so almost throughout the lecture. Very few can remain attentive through a non-stop narration of tales of profound vanity and meagre conquests. I couldn't find much of a difference between the others and me, except that the physical signs made it more apparent in my case.

As soon as the lecture got over, I rushed back to my room. Had a look in the mirror and realized why I managed to capture everyone's attention for a few minutes. I couldn't stop laughing!! I was a total mess. It was only natural of the others to be so 'nice' to me. But then there are always firsts in lives. Today was my first lecture in pyjamas. I hope it is the last.

I still don't know why I wrote this on my blog. Do you?

In retrospect, 'nice' is a nice word!!


@nK$ said...

the title sounds like tht of a nursery kid's story book.. ha ha .. its goog to knw u can be stupid too at times .. Dodo !!

Metallica bhakt! said...

I could actually visualize the entire scene!! :P dont blame me, its written in a very picturesque way or its just that I have become prone to visualizing text of any form these days! :P aahh pleasures of living in a residential school!! :(

Sthupit Girl said...

NICE is a terrible terrible word, don't go thinking otherwise.

Sounds like fun. It's lucky that you live right across the hostel, or this would have been something like "Gone in 60 Sec" :D


vishesh said...

awesome ! It might happen to me soon for my CA classes :)

Rajkumar said...

very nice experience...

Pallavi said...

Hahaha..its so funny! I can actually visualize the whole thing. You got ready in 2 minutes, very impressive. This reminds me the Maggi tag line, "Bas doh minute.." When someone calls you up like that next time, I can almost imagine you saying, "Class hai? Bas doh minute.." Or you can call yourself the "Rapid Ready Man (RRM)" which will be printed on your costume- the blue pyjamas. You will have superhuman powers of getting ready in a jiffy. Oh I can go on and on..hehehe :D :P

Nikita said...

I dunno about the destined to be late bit...but you sure were destined to give your other sleepy sloppy friends a good laugh. 'Nice' write up there!

The Illuminator said...

Some qualities of your good friends just rub on to you.

I always wanted to do what you are doing!

Yeah, it was pun intended when I said that. There could not have been a more superficial word than nice.

CA class? You mean the ones outside college right?


Some of those things were too far fetched! [:P] Remember, you don't think when you are in sch a spot. You just do it.

That I did :)

priya said...

You shouldn't have given it away in the title itself! But what a fun read!! Giving me ideas at the right time huh =P

"Why put in an effort in waking up for a boring lecture which again puts you to sleep?"

"Don't talk to me. You haven't brushed still."

Hehehehehe awesomeeeooo post!

Urvashi said...

Hey..nice post..... really funny... a bit strange bt being a late comer myself, i too can understand hw each min matters while reachin there...... n u got ready in 2 mins or even less...FAB :)

sakthi said...

Hi nice blog....i add u in my bolg and can u add me in your blogroll

NEHA said...

reli nice read

i did relate a lot lol

except tat i wud hav brushed in any case

and also tat my record of being late in al cases is more then 2 mins


Deeps!! said...

a hearty laugh that gave me.. !! i know why you wrote this on your blog, but I am not telling.. :P Cheers to better days!!

Nina Prasad said...

attending class in your jammies would be perfectly normal in my college because on days with theme dressing girls come dressed as superman witheir red undies over their pants.