Friday, July 10, 2009

What an (aspiring) manager does?

I just finished my lecture on Human Behaviour in Organizations (HBO) and have my Marketing Planning and Managerial Economics lectures coming up. The beauty of a b-school is that when you are doing the stuff you are supposed to do, i.e. study, you feel sleepy and when you are doing everything else that has no correlation with you becoming a manager, you are awake. It is involuntary. Which is why they have quizzes. Like today, our HBO teacher comes in and says I have a surprise for you. The whole class roars "No Quiz!!" Having a quiz is less surprising than not having one. But then 10 minutes of staying awake through those 10-20 questions is not as painful, is it? It is definitely less painful than a thirty page case study which you have to make a presentation on with one day's notice (my sympathies to my friends in HR). But then we don't start when we have 24 hours in hand, it is too un-manager-ly. We strongly believe that it is important to learn to handle crisis now than while you are in your jobs, so we begin when there are 4 hours to the deadline, sometimes fewer. In effect, it also helps us to work better in teams and improve our efficiency. The rest of the time can be used for productive activities like playing sports, exercising at the gym, social work, gaming (our gaming club is called WTF...May be to highlight WTF are we doing), chit-chatting, partying, drinking and smoking, if you belong to the clan, and of course the local favourite sleeping (note it's more about quality than quantity). Isn't that what we call hole-is-stick development? What I mean is you get stuck in a hole so deep that only out of the box thinking can help. So now we have handled crisis, improved efficiency, managed time, networked, developed out of the box thinking and lived through evaluations. Oh, evaluation reminds me I have a Concept Application Exercise to complete!! Damn, I am so dead. Remember I spoke about creative destruction? This is what I meant by dying everyday. See you in hell.

A Part of the Campus: The resemblance to a holiday resort may explain the attitude of its bright students

Note: This post is purely a satire and does not reflect the complete or true picture of lives of students at the Management Development Institute (MDI). The post or any portion of this post cannot be reproduced in any publication relating to MDI quoting Whispering Shadow as a source.


@nK$ said...

I love it wen you go sarcastic !Its just your thing ..

Nikita said...

Poor you..i get bored of just hearing how many quizzes u have! All the very best. U've been there almost a month...its jst another year and eleven months:)