Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soul Curry

It's been ages since I posted on Whispering Shadow (barring the one public announcement below). Over the past two weeks, I have started writing posts but ended up not completing them. It completely reflects the state of mind in which I have been - distracted, like a cranky baby. Toys, books, pictures, lights, food - nothing works for the infant. He keeps crying. He is inconsolable. Others don't know what he wishes because he cannot speak. Yet he himself is not wholly aware of what is pulling him in so many different directions. It is like a cause-less effect, an endless cycle.

An emotional stew has been brewing over the past 10 days, the ingredients of which have been the joy due to celebration, the ecstacy of acheivement, the satisfaction of great food, the faith in destiny, the relief of having lived up to expectations, the anxiety and freedom of handling your work yourself all alone, the monotony of routine, the instability due to chaos. It's literally a jungle in there, with one feeling trying to overwhelm the soul over all others and emerging victorious. But unfortunately, there has been more than one winner, once too often.

Another feature of my season has also been speed. The juggernaut of the events hasn't left me with time to stop and think. My days seem to be flying and every attempt of mine to put a break on them has been in vain. Having learnt from my failed attempts, I have hopped on the wagon and have been making the most of wherever it takes me.

The scrambled post is going to end as abruptly as it is written but I cannot close this one without thanking all those who said ''I told you so" to me. I am sane because of you.

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vishesh said...

well keep to the flow , just watch out for those stones and boulders :)