Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beat the Heat

41 degrees should be no big deal, especially for someone who has stayed in Dubai for half his life. It is easily around 6 degrees cooler than the average temperature in Dubai and only half as humid. But it has been sucking the life out me over the past few days. Mumbai is warm and humid like never before. And what makes life worse is the fact that you don't have the luxury of an air conditioner at most places you go to for everyday work, barring office, which is literally always 'chilled out'.

And the temperatures have peaked at a time when I am celebrating my first weekend with no prior agenda in a long time. I knew I was going to face 'heat' in my interview but beyond that it should have been all cool. How wrong I was. It's possible the worst the weather in the city has ever felt. Being the outdoorsy person I am, I am quite stuck for options. Yes, I can go to a mall or catch up with a movie but it is never as satisfying as going to Marine Drive or sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down. I also wanted to play badminton over the weekend but not at the cost of a heatstroke. And one day is too less to learn and start enjoying swimming. 

So I have been sitting at home, watching movies (Chaos theory and American History X are both recommended, but avoid the latter if you don't like gore), cooking and catching up with friends and family. I hope to get hold of a few books too.

And in my idleness, I have also revamped my blogs look. It was painful because I had lost touch with the little XHTML I knew and had to read up loads to make the changes. Plus, my sense of colours seemed so rusty that I would have made a clown of my blog and wouldn't have known. 

So after four hours of due diligence, I present to you the new look of the blog.  As always, you can let me know if something doesn't feel right. It is a little difficult on a laptop screen to make exact sense of the colours so instead of making faces, point out the colours which appear flashy on your monitors. Besides, do you think keeping each post in a box is a good idea? I did it for the sake of readability but am not very convinced. How do you like the new header? Like always it features one of the photographs I clicked. And I chose blue because it looks 'cool'.

Now that I am done with giving my blog a makeover, I will begin looking for a new activity to spend time on, which will not include reading newspapers, watching news, planning for the future, preparing possible interview questions, understanding economic crisis and checking office mail. I have had enough and more. Have a happy weekend!!


@nK$ said...

Checking your blog out after ages !! Looove the new look .. Fultoo 'Beat the Heat' types .. Thanda Thanda Cool Cool :)

vishesh said...

nice change :) So this is to beat the heat(the colour) ?

The Illuminator said...

@ Anks - First comment after having read nearly all my posts. Welcome!

@ Vishesh - Only one smiley? Are you 'okay'? Yeah blue is cool.

Anonymous said...

american history x is a brilliant movie.

and love the blues on the blog! very nice. want to change my template but as i don't remember a jot of the java/html that i learnt over 8 years ago, i'm stuck. and i don't like any of wordpress' other templates. argh.

priya said...

Omg dono swimming? =O

And hey! You've actually got a good sense of colour. You just don't realize. HTML can be a pain! Shift to wordpress!
Yes, keeping each post in a box is a good idea. And the header looks nice too. I like the reduced opacity of the font.

Planning for the future is you hobby or what?! Bah!
How about taking more pictures? Hey! Try photoshop as a hobby! Darn addictive. You can go all day..

Ok, too big a comment. Will stop here =\

The Illuminator said...

@Astrodominie - Yeah, I found it to be awesome in its message, especially the conclusion of the paper. Try '' Nice place for beginners.

@Priya - Stop making it sound as if I am the only one in a gazzilion who doesn't know.

As far as planning for the future it is not a hobby. I will write a separate post answering that.