Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What are friends for?

  • To gate crash at your home on every birthday, getting spare cakes so that you can do more than just eat them.
  • To expect you to listen to them even when they are at their worst and you are not at your best. 
  • To turn tell you how monstrous you looked in that flouroscent shirt. "You should have instead worn the floral one! "
  • To confide in you how cute they found that girl who just passed by to be which was exactly what you were going to tell them.
  • To give you advice, free and unlimited, sometimes unnecessary.  
  • To wish you luck a million times, saying "You will be just fine" before you put yourself to a real test in this cruel world. You even get "Good Luck" surprise parties.
  • To ask you for treats on every occassion. Your birthday. Treat! You won a prize. Treat! You shaved. Treat!
  • To reinstate faith when you think you are being sucked in a black hole. "No it's ok. They won't touch your arm. They will only chop your finger"
  • To fuel your imagination. "Imagine Salma Hayek is standing right here in my bedroom" "Yeah,  and she is naked."
  • To have group therapy sessions on how scared we are of flunking in the upcoming exam, when we haven't ever got less than a first class.
  • To inform you before anyone else of their latest buy as if it is a conquest.
  • To visit your blog and then call you up to tell you how much they liked it in stead of commenting.
  • To give you wake up calls in the middle of the night when you have to burn the mid-night's oil. 
  • To take you for coffee at 3AM in the morning just because they want to have coffee.
  • To go on treks with you, no matter how underprepared you are for them.
  • To give you a crash course in a subject when you have an ocean to complete and very little time.
  • To go on drives with as many as 13 people packed in a single car. 
  • To have movie marathons with, where you end up watching as many as 5 movies in a single night despite being drunk.
  • To be the only people who you have a full right to scold.
  • To play pranks on without the fear of repurcussions. Almost. My friend once was almost about to turn me in since she thought I was her dreaded stalker.
  • To call you up and ask for "instant tips on how to start a convo with a girl you have seen on your morning walks" when standing next to her!
  • To cry without the fear of being mocked, unless its for a lost sock.
  • To be the only people who you can talk to without thinking and still appear 'wise'.
Thanks for being there. I know I will make it. 


vishesh said...

seriously this post is so truthful,that all i can do is agree

(lol since no one wants smileys..)

Labyrinthine said...

So true...I cant imagine my life without my friends. It would be like living a dead life.

Pallavi said...

Oh wow! Such a nice post. You have really good and "wise" friends. Wonder what would have happened if that friend of your's actually turned you in that day... :P
And yes, you will make it :)

The Illuminator said...

@Vishesh : I am dying to read what transpired. Soon.

@Ale: Yup, zombie!

@Pal: Well it didn't happen eventually, so stop smarting. And I now don't know if I will make it!!

priya said...

This post made me smile! Very sweet thoughts.

If I were writing a song, I would definitely pick up stuff from here!! =)

The Illuminator said...

Don't forget to put me in the credits "Priceless Junkie Feat. The Illuminator" Hehe.

Yeah I wrote a post dedicated to them because they had done something very special for me.