Sunday, March 15, 2009


On one rainy day, I remember I had taken cover under the natural umbrella one of them formed. It served me well. I managed to come out, not half as soaked as I would have otherwise been. The rains in Mumbai are ruthless on its inhabitants and the trees are the only saviours.  I was indebted. 

The trinity used to stand there, majestically, at the turn down the road. I had seen them in their full glory with their brown barks and thick blanket of leaves. Many creatures lived in them - crows and sparrows, pigeons and squirrels, and many more insects and creepie-crawlies. It was a micro-habitat in itself.  

Today, it felt different. The shade the trees provided was gone. The chirping of the birds was absent. In fact there were no birds.  As I walked back home, I had hoped to find them watching over the road that leads to the hospital. But all I saw were three stubs, as if they had been prosecuted and sentenced to death - beheading was the chosen method.  

The walk didn't feel the same. What a shame! What an end to three glorious lives! 


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This is an excellent write up. A lot of things said in less number of words.
I don't want to comment on the situation.

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Thank you guys...

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You wrote it really well!

Keep blogging!

In between do configure the date and time in your blog. I've blo rolled you but your blog appears as updated a year back

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